Insurance Repairs


Any one know what insurance companies give on average for shingle blow off repairs? I’m starting to deal with alot of these due to the wind storm we had. Thanks


its going to vary. the minimum they pay is typically 500 but keep in mind that usually does not excede the homeowners deductible.


i am an adjuster for an insurance company and i am currently working in Kentucky. Our minimum charge for roofing is 199.08. it allows for a bundle of shingles (26) and time to install. what do you guys think of this. if you had to itemize the 500.00 for the repair, where would you it all go?


Itemized list for doing this repair:
Cost of doing business…


for 199.08 I would get on a roof close to home to replace 4 or 5 shingles. thats about it.


and that roof would have to be a one story walker.
You have to understand, by the time you travel to the job to price it, come back again with tools to do the repair, buy the materials, plus other typical business overhead, office costs/insurance etc…
Unless its right down the road from me no way.



Most of my repairs are around $200.

We finalize the deal over the phone most times. We have different colors on the truck when we go out. If we do not have the right color, we give the customer the option of accepting a color we do have or pay for us to find the perfect color.

I will ussually have 2 crews out for a week doing repairs under $500.

If you ever come ot Pa to work a storm would be glad to do business with you.


I have a 2 hour minimum for a service call.

I would figure about 10 minutes per shingle, so 4 hours and 20 minutes, is 4 1/3 hours x $75.00 per hour = $325.00 plus about $50.00 as a minimum materials charge.

So, $375.00 for that job, if it is a one story walk on with easy ladder access and flexible shingles.

If the shingles are brittle, figure double that amount.



For Xactimate in Louisville, Ky the current “minimum charge” for a roofing repair is $355.00.

If you are using MSB then you should add a “Service call or Trip Charge” to your adjustment.