Insurance refusing to cover my claim

Hello, am new here, this is my first post.
I have wind damages on 3 out of 4 slopes on a discontinued shingles and my insurance is refusing to cover it 100%.
They told me that they will only pay up to $10,000 out $20,000 of the cost because the roof is not damaged enough for replacement. Am having leaks in my garage coming from the roof.
The adjuster told me not to bring in my contractor during the inspections and stupid me did exactly that. Now am asking for second inspections with my contractor present they refused. What can i do?
Please help.

Who is your insurance company?

Farmers Insurance “””””

First, call your agent and seek their help. Ask them how Farmers is acting in good faith and honoring the RCV policy they’ve been paying for. Demand your full roof be paid for. Failing that, start moving up the ladder at Farmers and raising hell. Go all the way to the president of need be.

That should work but will take work and persistence. If it doesn’t, I assume the policy has an appraisal clause, file a demand for appraisal. The other alternative is to hire an attorney. If I were local to you, I’m confident we’d get your roof fully approved.

I have code upgrade on my policy. Can i use that to make them pay for the roof?

What State are you located in ?

Where are you located?

Another option is a PA, they are an adjuster that works for you instead of for the insurance company. Careful though, some are sketchy and charge a ton. Going the appraisal route is an option but it would be better to get a PA involved to represent you beforehand. Also make sure they pay for the damages done by the water ingress if you are having leaks. The shingles being discontinued should open this up to a like kind argument when replacing part but not all. Not sure where you are, but if you’re in Oklahoma, reach out. Good Luck!