Insurance - Partial Roof Repar


Several of my neighbors were having their roofs repaired this summer from previous hail damage. One of the contractors asked to take a look at my roof, and said that I also had hail damage (in Minnesota). I contacted my insurance adjuster who said he did see hail damage to the garage door, chimney cap, gutters, valley metal,and 5 skylights, but not to the shingles.

The insurance company said that they would replace the shingles around the skylights and flashing, and that they found a color match for the existing shingles.

I had several more contractors look at the rook, and they said it will look like a patch job, and that wasn’t the correct way to repair the roof. My concern is that my skylights will have the new shingles around them, and will stand out as a patch job.

I’m sure the insurance company wants to pay as little as possible, and that the contractors would like to do a complete roof.

So before I have any work started, wanted to ask if the insurance company (Auto-Owners) is handling this correctly?



So they want to replace all the vents, valleys and skylights? Even with an exact match it will stick out like a sore thumb.
That said there is nothing wrong with it, done properly.


Yes, correct, just the metal and skylights. And a few shingles around the skylights.

My skylights on my roof are easily seen from the street as you drive to my house, so I would l like for it not to stand out too much. I may end up paying out of pocket to have the rest of the roof done at the same time.

Thanks for your response.


I have been doing insurance work for a very long time, first thing I would do is ask for a re-inspection with a different adjuster. Then I would make sure your roofing contractor is onsite during inspection. He can point out all the hail hits to the soft metals. As for matching of shingle colors, were I am from the is no matching law. Most states I believe are going to that. If the re-inspection does not work, call a Public Adjuster. But, remember they take 10% of whatever they get approved.


Yes, we are having another adjuster come out.

Thank you for your response.


I just got the other half of a roof bought because of line of sight. You can see the repair … Allstate