Insurance only forum?


Wish you all the best in your new endeavor. However -

What happened to all of the specific and rich content?
Why is there now such a awkward Topic structure?

Bring back the original site structure, or at least construct something similar.


This is only the beginning of the revamp. The old server was going down so we had to bring this on line a little bit early. Hang with us.


Don - Just speaking for the the Insurance Forum end of things – It is being referenced by many, many people behind the scenes. Some people are using it to build/push cases against corrupt insurers, agents, and adjusters. It has timely Topic content that points to nationwide market issues negatively affecting men, women, and children.

Despite some of the (colorful) back and forth commentary between some users, it is chock full of rich documentation to help protect construction business owners and their clients against certain insurers, agents, and adjusters predatory/criminal market conduct. I/we appreciate being able to have another place to share important market information, and hope that the new interface is as intuitive and easy to navigate as before.



Can we have a vote on whether or not we want to be assaulted by tons of cut and paste in an insurance section? I am not trying to be hateful, just realistic. My visits have declined because of the barrage of information and the sketchy ways of posting, with different accounts pretending to support other accounts, and all the literal barrage of information.

It isn’t that the information isn’t important, but the aggressive manor in which it is presented is such a turn off. It is also very one-sided, which ultimately, in my opinion, is a liability if people who don;t clearly understand it, try to implement it.

I am excited to see how things shake out, but something needs to be done or the forum will end up a barren wasteland with only one person cutting and pasting long diatribes that nobody can bear to sift through for the potential nugget of information.


Hi @fairmarketlaws1 -
I’m sorry you don’t like the new layout - as Don says, it is a work in progress. We think the functionality of the new forum software will greatly outweigh any styles problems in the short term.

Regarding the Insurance category, it has been temporarily hidden. The vast majority of posts in the category tend to be only yours and, in the new layout, completely overwhelm the front page. Honestly, your posts would be better served by being published on your own blog or website focused solely on the insurance industry. Have you considered this?

As the discussion gets going again on the site, we’ll bring the insurance category back.

If you need to get access to your old posts so they could, for example, be copied to a blog, let me know.



Eric - Thanks for the clarification. With contractors and consumers (nationwide) being bombarded with unfair and illegal business practices by insurers, agents, and adjusters, a insurance forum is naturally needed to counter such market practices.

Hopefully - With all things considered – will create a insurance forum for construction market critical issues, and challenges.


I agree with FML. While I can agree with the “Wall of Posts” argument, at the same time the rest of us should not be punished. I can’t tell you the last time I came here to discuss a roof installation or to seek help running my business. Rather, this website has been a valuable “think-tanking” tool for the last several years in sharing what is working, as well as what’s not working in the insurance restoration industry. Please get that part of the website back online ASAP. Thank you.


Joshua, you are among the very few that actually read the posts in the insurance category. We’re working on the category. Keep in mind that this site is not an insurance forum as Eric says. If that is all you seek, I suggest you start up an insurance only forum for roofers.


Agreed, insurance is an important part of the roofing/construction industry, so it should be talked about here.

Let’s try this. I’ve created a new, empty, ‘Insurance’ category. Feel free to post insurance questions and thoughts there. As I said, we’ll still bring back the posts in the old Insurance category, but only after we’ve moved past the point where the entire front page of the site consists of single posts by @fairmarketlaws.

As I look deeper into this, the new forum software has revealed that there are multiple different accounts with a specific interest in Insurance that come from the same IP address (that is, the same person is registering and posting under different identities). You know who you are. If any of this happens, moving forward, accounts will be immediately and silently deleted.



Eric and Don - To clarify matters - When all of a sudden the user name someone is using does not work, another user name can be fairly established…Yes? Even recently - “fairmarketlaws1” is now having to be used because when the new format was published, “fairmarketlaws” and password,…no longer worked. And it may be that others have experienced the same thing under the previous format, and new format.

And, with all due respect - Many, many Topics in the previous Insurance Forum were indeed read by hundreds, and even thousands, of viewers. It was even maturing to the point that others were coming around, from across the U.S., albeit with caution.

By feed-back to us - One major hindrance of ones becoming more involved in the Forum was the obvious constant attacks, vicious come-backs, and inappropriate pictures of some members. And those few responsible know who they are. We will post timely Topics responsibly - but if others are discourage from posting or becoming engaged in problem solving…because of unruly members – then please fairly correct that situation.

And In all fairness - The previous insurance forum Topics were even having a positive effect on Google and Bing rankings, by the rich content. And that is a good thing for the owners of, construction business owners, contractors, consumers, and innumerable others…24/7.

Keep up the good work.


There is no issue with your ‘fairmarketlaws1’ and ‘fairmarketlaws’ accounts - I think we’ve all been in that situation.

yes… we do know exactly how many hits each post receives, and their rankings within Google, Bing, e.t.c.


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