Insurance misquoting Copper awning

Insurance company paid $968 for “R&R COPPER PANEL - FLAT SEAM -16 OZ” instead of: curved double lock standing seam copper door awning, which is alot more.

I attached a picture for reference. How much do you guys usualy pay out to have one made including materials? How much do you charge insurance for it?

I have never had to replace one before so any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Get a couple bids, take the P&O and get out of the way.


I got a quote for $5,000 including installation, does that sound fair?

Get 3, that way you have an idea where it should be. 5 could be high or low, depending on your location…Authentic Dad has more insurance company knowledge than I do.

Should be somewhere around $25-$35 per square foot if the roofer is hand making it.

Metal pricing is going to vary widely. But since this is an insurance job, I’d suggest you find a metal roofer who has a good reputation, good service, and prompt communication, then keep working with them. Insurance will pay real cost, so you could just have them add your markup to their quote to keep it moving quickly.