Insurance Company Asking for Certification

Has anyone had an agent ask for a certification to install document for a particular shingle when the homeowners policy is renewing? They have always asked for an invoice for the date of install and a Class 4 certification form if they are trying to get a discount but I have never seen them ask for a certificate stating the company was able install the certain type of shingle the homeowner has. This particular roof is a Grand Manor shingle installed in 2012. We are a select shingle master with Certainteed and gave the customer a five star certainteed warranty so I have no problem giving them our select shingle master certificate. I just start to wonder when insurance companies ask for something out of the ordinary. Technically anyone could install a grand manor shingle in Oklahoma as long as they are registered with the state so what would they do if that company wasnt a select shingle master? I would also think they would want the certificate from 2012 since that was when it was installed not the current one. Anyone have any knowledge of this? This is Farmers Insurance.

Not make sense, so they will not insurance any new homes or houses with builder roofs (1 - 20 years old) new construction roofers dont have any certification.

Certifications are stupid because company owner hired subs to do the job


Or it would be in my Area where we are already to be state certified with constant
Forced Re-education every two years with very strict over site along with heavy regulations and city inspections on every job.
All material instructions and specs are to be posted on every job. If The city inspector catches you installing material not according to instructions, you fail the inspection.

But if your area has no roofing over-site,
Than i can understand this insurance companies procedure.