Insurance co wants to blame Hurricane on recent damage


I live in Florida and just recently noticed some roof damage after a string of thunderstorms came through. My adjuster said the damage was the result of a hurricane over 6 months ago and that I will have to pay the hurricane deductible instead of my normal deductible. I’m not really a fan of being called a liar. This seems like a game being played to save them money. Is it possible to look at and see when the damage occurred? They are calling it wind damage.


A date of loss is required. They will use the “best date” when they can, Especially if you did not provide a date of loss. I have had them change the date of loss we offered to a different date but we didn’t care as long as they bought it. Sure the higher deductible sucks and I would not want to go that route but if the hurricane had 70 mph wind and your thunderstorm last week had 30 mph wind they are definitely going to use the worst storm. Do you know the exact date of loss or just wish it was not the hurricane now that you see the deductible difference? The average homeowner has issues on their homes exterior that they are oblivious to for years sometimes. Did you have your roof inspected right after the hurricane? In my opinion there is no way to prove it was last week or six months ago. Just your word against the machine.

Someone else might know this but policy might dictate that a CAT date be used if available. If that’s the case you agreed to that when you signed up for the policy.


We have thunder storms in our area with 60mph+ winds frequently, twice in the last 2 weeks. We had some bad storms in March and while cleaning my gutters after those storms, saw the loose shingles. I told the adjuster the date of that storm and that I thought it happened then. He said that it was probably the hurricane six months ago and wrote it up as such. I had cleaned those same gutters out since the hurricane and not seen the damage.


I would just let them know you would have noticed the roof damage if it was from Irma. Everyone did a walk around after that.
Here are some FAQ if you need more info on the Roof Damage Claim Process