Insurance Claims and the Mortgage Companies


We have a customer who had an insurance claim for their new roof. We completed their roof 7 weeks ago and the final check was sent out to the homeowner three weeks ago by the insurance company. The HO works out of state, and is often out of pocket, which resulted in him being a bit slow in submitting our final payment to his mortgage co., Specialized Loan Servicing. Per their letter, I submitted several lien waivers, our contract, ins, and W9 via FedEx overnight. It has been nearly two weeks and the HO’s lender will not allow me access to the required lien waivers without his “permission”. They also informed me that our standard contract is not acceptable. They have also informed me that they have not received the final check, which was mailed to them 2 weeks ago.

The HO is helping as best as he can, being that he is stuck on an oil rig out in the boonies. In the meantime, I have several thousand dollars that is due and the Mortgage company is absolutely ridiculous.

There is no telling when the HO will be back home so that he can go online to grant me access so that I can get obtain and submit the required paperwork.

Therefore, do any of you have experience in dealing with difficult mortgage companies?


The homeowner is ultimately responsible for posting you. Tell the homeowner they need to deal with their mortgage company and get you paid or you’re filing a lien. Assuming you’re speaking with the mortgage company, you can inform them a lien is bring filed in a week. Other than that, you have no legal standing with the mortgage company.


Thank you for responding :slight_smile: I guess that I will have to be a bit more aggressive with them both, which I hate to do because customers are important. But, we are approaching 2 months since this roof was complete. Grrr…


There’s a difference between aggressive and firm. You did the work, you deserve to get paid.


Amen to that! I think he appreciates that we need to be paid and is now reaching out to the Mortgage Co. This delay is yet another lesson in regards to dealing with the mortgage companies. I have incorporated a new protocol for each new customer and I hope it prevents future project funding delays! Thank you for your input :slight_smile: