Insurance and unrepairable areas

Is there a law or ordinance that states if a Roof is unrepairable they have to replace the section? Or the roof entirely? If damaged by storms. In the past I have had Adjuster’s pay due to this and I was wondering if there was some literature on it.

I am not aware of code that directly requires this. Look in chapter 9 of the code book and see for yourself. Repairability itself can be the issue that wins it for you. Attempt a repair and video tape it. Do it in a valid manner and attempt to not damage adjacent shingles. If those shingles are damaged in the process, you have proof the roof cannot be repaired. Upload to YouTube, send link to Homeowner, ask them to contact their Adjuster and provide the link along with demanding a complete roof replacement.

As far as other undamaged slopes, most States do not have matching requirements. However, common language is “uniform appearance” and that is the argument that needs to be made. Do not attempt to argue matching unless you know the State the Homeowner lives in has a matching requirement. Minnesota, I believe, has matching statutes. Most states don’t.

You will be more productive if you approach this from a different angle.
To fight for a few hundred dollars more than the minimal repair does not appear a very good business practice when you have big fishes elsewhere to go after.
To match is not the carrier’s stance as it is to restore the loss to its original condition.
Carriers will never fight code and documentation.

So, it is up to you to decide for yourself whether you have a chance to fight or walk away immediately.
Let us know what happens…

Still waiting to here back.
The roof is a 15-year-old shake roof that they are replacing all the valleys, dead valley pans, and penetrations. (Felt deteriorating and thousands of splits in the shake)

I would charge so much for that the insurance company would be begging me to just do a full reroof.