Insurance Adjuster Accountability


All to often the reason for low ball pricing comes down to the lack of experience and training of insurance company adjusters. In Illinois for example, a company adjuster does not need to be licensed, bonded, insured, and are not required to have continuing education or held accountable in any way. When a State of Illinois official was asked on how these adjusters were disciplined when they were violating state statues he said they just write him or her a letter. What happens if they do it again, we just write them a letter. So the company adjuster can simply go on about his business providing incorrect information to policyowners , contractors , etc.


What if all contractors, roofing contractors, remodeling contractors, restoration contractors, etc decided to build and alliance together to stop a lot of the non-sense going on in the insurance industry. by that ,i mean for this alliance to challenge some of the states regulations, statues, MATCHING issues, Adjuster fairness & accountability, Insurance company accountability.

Please share your thoughts.


I’m with you on this issue. From what i gather you can also be a public adjuster and contractor to adjust storm damage. Not 100%positive on that. I am in Illinois and see these guys all around my neighborhood doing this, very disappointing. Would love to get involved and put an end to all the non-sense. Let me know how to help.

Tom Picha


You can be both the contractor and PA in Illinois. I believe the requirement is that you inform the homeowner to be clear there is no conflict of interest.


Tom , that is the problem. It is like putting the fox in the hen house or commingling of funds in investments, it should not be allowed. Understand that most Public Adjusters in Illinois just pass the test and do not have a clue how to be a Public Adjuster.


Good Luck. The insurance industry is HUGE and is part of the financial sector. Your state insurance board exists to cater to the insurance industry, not to actually help property owners.


I understand and respect your opinion but if everyone wants to sit back and
do nothing then everyone will keep fighting for 10 & 10 along with just
patching roofs. Not very profitable in my opinion.