Insulate Roof Hatch

Flat Roof Here. New Roof Hatch installed as well. I’ve always wondered if the installer should have used one that was insulated, etc.

House heat was on today. It was around 42F or so outdoors when we had to go up to the rooftop to do some HVAC work. The interior of the it (which hardly get’s look at from inside the house) , was very heavy with condensation.

My gut sorta knew that bare metal, exposed roof - against the indoor temperature would be causing this. Is it worthwhile to try to insulate the inside of this roof hatch. The side panels are easily doable. However, the hatch cover is a bit tricky with the struts and the ~latch~ , so insulating this would be a hodge-podge of a job

Did one with 3" XPS and double sided carpet tape. Fit the lid and notched out the hinge.

Roof hatches should have a 1/2" of exterior insulation if they are not double walled.

Do that and your next job is to flash the exterior, so the insulation doesn’t degrade. That’s going to be an expensive roof hatch!

The roof hatch was expensive as is already…

I knew condensation would be a issue just due to sheetmetal - and hot air rises…
It’s been 2 years or so, and honesty, I never looked up until the recent need to go uptop. It was even inter cold - 42F. But boy, is there heavy sweating on the entire thing.

I dunno. Debating best way to attack this. Either insulate directly to it and just getting creative with the struts, latche, hold open arm. Regardless, I am leaning on making a -false- ceiling where the opening is , which would be a 1st layer barrier of the hot air/condensating on the cold steel frame.