Installing Decra on a metal deck


I have never seen it before but I am looking at a church roof with a steel deck and they want to put on Decra Tile and some sort of insulation. Any of you ever done an application like this.


I have been pushing Decra a lot latley but I dont know how that would work on a steel deck. I have a meeting scheduled later this week with the rep for that. I will try to remember to mention how it would work out. I would assume the same??


Decra is a great product that will work well over any type of substrate, given correct preparation.

Make sure to use a good underlayment, use appropriate horizontal battens, as recommended by the manufacturer, and go at it ! :slight_smile:


yeah put on battens and put your insulation inbetween
them. then screw em one.

good luck.



[quote=“gweedo”]yeah put on battens and put your insulation inbetween
them. then screw em one.

good luck.


You are saying put battens on top of say iso board or vice versa? I suppose the 5" fascia would be big enough to cover the edge.


scew the battens to the metal deck, and then fill in
the space inbetween with insu. if you can.



Im waiting on a call back from Decra, but Im thinking if you screw down the iso then put down an underlay, then battans and then go to work. I think a 2 inch #12 screw would be enough to go all the way to the deck from the panel



Try a vent board it has poly iso and osb all in one. It also provides good ventilation.


I would determine how much insulation is wanted. If the roof is the main insulation, you would want multiple inches of iso board, then sleepers and then battens.

If I wanted just a single layer of iso, I would lay a sleeper at the bottom for perimeter securement, run the ISO board vertically, with sleepers in between, running vertically, and lay the battens horizontally.

Simplest way I can think of.