Installing a suntube in existign felt flat roof?


Dear All - please can you assist. I have a flat roof (hot torched felt - i think - top surface of felt is silver in colour almost looks like lead), into which i want to insert a suntube (12" diameter). As the flat roof was only replaced 5 yrs ago my thoughts are that i could fit the sun tube by dressing over it and the existing felt. I am keen to learn what the existing felt is (I have a digital image but cannot attach to this thread) so that i can match it up OR i thought i could dress it with lead, using lead adhesive.

Any ideas? THANKS



It sounds to me like a aap 160 mod bit roof that silver coated.Now as far as the suntube goes i myself would build a curb and install a skylight.But if you must i have seen it done but i would hire a roofing contractor in your area to install .I have installed them on shingle roofs only.



Hire a pro, someone who has been in business soley in flat roofing for atleast 8 years. What you are asking is not an easy job to do like a shingled roof. Its either right or she leaks like the titanic,


Is there a reason that you want the suntube in particular?


I have installed sun tubes on that type of roofing system before. Not to changeling. Make sure he is insured and will stand behind his work. Also ask for references…