Inspection Requirement for Warranty

My roofer was explaining my roof warranty after he installed an O-C Duration roof on my ocean front beach house:

130 MPH Rating - he said the roof was only covered for 75 minutes of sustained winds at that level and that few major storms are ever that short

Named Storms - the warranty excludes damage from named storms, even though the wind speeds can be as low as 70 MPH

Inspections - to maintain the warranty I must have an inspection after each named storm to keep the warranty in effect. Each inspection would cost $50 and it would be my responsibility to repair any identified damage.

Is this all true?

Yes. Most of the manufacturers warranties have lots of clauses to give them an out. Remember, most warranties are written for the benefit of the manufacturer, not the end user. You may have to pay $50, but not the cost of a new roof…seems pretty cheap.

Agreed. I wouldn’t take a ladder off my truck for $50


Me either, and that’s just the 24’

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They are protecting themselves but they are also avoiding overlap with insurance.

What they don’t want is for you to have a tropical storm or hurricane, end up without any leaks/visible damage so you don’t call the insurance company, and then call the manufacturer 2 years later expecting warranty coverage when your shingles start falling off the roof due to wind damage that occurred in the tropical storm.

Getting an inspection after a major storm is good practice, if there is damage it can be an insurance claim unless it is minor, and if minor you want to get it fixed so it doesn’t cause major issues down the line.

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