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Hello fellow roofers,

We are an IB Roof installer from Massachusetts, and we want to offer you to exchange links with us. This will be mutually beneficial for both our companies and will increase the awareness about Cool roofing products, which will turn out more business.

We have a highly-ranked “green construction directory” located here:

We are now creating a list on US IB Roof installers and Cool Roofing Installers(outside our service area of course).

Here is a snap shot of google search showing our directory in the 1st position:

Benefits of exchanging links:

Nearly all our sales (except for referrals and returning customers) come from our website. We do not advertise anywhere else.
You can achieve similar results, given you have an SEO optimized website and good incoming links. It won’t happen overnight, but in time you will see the results.

Exchanging links with us will help YOU and us increase your sales in fairly short period of time.

Here is how it works: As our directory ages, it gains PR and as a result the value of you link in our directory increases. This leads to higher google rankings for both of us and therefore, more visitors leads to more sales.

For roofing companies installing IB Roofs:

We also ranks #4 for “ib roof” and “ib roofing” in Google organic search, so we believe exchanging links will be most valuable for you as well as for us.

Please let me know if you are interested in this exchange and we will set it up.

You can use our site submittion form here to add your company website.



PS. We are not selling anything to you. This is an offer to do a mutually beneficial link exchanging to promote YOUR and our business.

PS2. This thread is not created to start a pi$$ing contest of which roofing system is better, i.e. IB vs. tpo vs. epdm vs. modified vs. built-up.

The sole purpose of this thread is to increase the business of the members of this board through higher web traffic which will convert to sales.

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