In need of advice

first off, i’d like to thank everyone in advance for looking at this post, now for the business… i’m 18, i just graduated from highschool in june, i’m currently in corapeake, north carolina. I’ve read up on roofing and decided it’s a career that i would want to pursuit and carry out. the problem is, i have no experience, nor do i know where to begin. I need advice on what the best thing for me to do is, i have good work ethic and i have the attitude of getting the job done and right. college isn’t exactly for me. the " uncomfotable conditions" isn’t a problem, i believe roofing is for me. so again, please give me advice on how to begin my career in the roofing business and things i need to do, Thank You.

The info on this link click me should just about cover it (replace his information with yours).

Oh, & don’t bother with a Poli-Sci degree.

fill the hole in your head where the air escapes…then heed your parents directives about getting an education. then when you have a business degree then start your own company and hire the idiots like myself to run it.

Go for it, kid. Get a job with a good company in your area and work your ass off. Listen to what the more experienced guys on the crew have to say, and pay attention to detail. If you are eager and want to learn, you’ll be fine. Experience is everything in this business. The more hours you put in, the better roofer you’ll become.

Good Luck!!!

Yeah finding a local roofer and starting from ground up is your best bet. You can learn alot from the ground. It gives you better idea on the amount of shingles you could go through. Just remeber that all roofs are different.

I would recommend that you study different materials used in the roofing trade and their applications. This wont replace actual experience, but having some knowledge about the products used in this industry will help you. For example, you should know about metal, tile, shakes, flat roof products, composition, etc.

Also, if you have any funds available, I would also suggest that you arrive prepared for applying at local roofing companies by purchasing good work clothes and tools. Look into some good pants such as Carharts or Dickies. Any pants with reinforced knees are nice to have. You should look into buying a tool belt, a measuring tape, and perhaps even a coil gun unless the company that hires you will provide you with one. There are other tools you’ll need, but try to get yourself started with what you can.

The more you are prepared the better off you will be. Once you get hired, make sure you work really hard and listen to the experienced roofers.

One last bit of advice…Be safe. Roofing has many pros but it can be a dangerous job. Many roofers have serious back problems, along with other health issues. Be safe while your on a roof. No amount of money can replace the loss of your health. Best of luck to you.

Find a local roofer who only has one or two other employees, this way you can get all of the attention and direction you need. Roofing is a lot harder than you think, after you carry shingles up a ladder for a month straigt you might think differently about a career in it.


In my opnion if you are carrying up shingles on a daily basis you might want to find a different company to work for. Too many companies have their shingles delivered on the roof to walk up 85 pounds all day.