Improper Flat Roof Repair? GAF Stormguard


This is long, and I apologize for that. The gist of it is: has anyone worked with GAF Stormguard as a seam tape on a flat asphaltic roof and covered it with elastomeric before? And have you ever had the “hi-temp” film wrinkle in a warm climate?


I purchased a home in Florida this past spring; the home inspector called out alligatoring (gatoring, in her words) on the membrane roof of the lanai, which is roughly 10’x20’. I believe it was built around the 1980s with the adjacent addition (rest of the house was a Richmond from 1977). The first picture attached is from the report - poor image quality but you can see the remnants of the old tape that is long gone. I don’t know the exact lanai roof construction or when it was last installed or repaired/resealed.

With only a couple days left in the inspection period I contacted a roofer through a friend who was able to come out immediately and give us a quote ($1,575 for removing old tape, retaping, sealing old fasteners, and one coat of elastomeric coating. See quote attached). I felt obligated to use him for the job since he helped me out, and at the time I had no reason to think his work was any less than another’s.

It was ± June 13th before he was able to come out for the job. I got a call that it was complete and he was ready for payment; being out of town all summer, we finally go to look at the work on July 12th - see pics Lanai 1, 2, and 3. No top coat, the sealant looks massively sloppy, and the tape is wrinkled and even looks to be missing in some places. When I asked what happened he said he sent one of his better guys out for the job and trusted he had completed it. The wrinkles were the GAF Stormguard “hi temp film on it that tends to not lay flat”. Aug 2nd he finally got out there, felt happy with the work, but agreed the seat coat needed to be applied.

August 28th he emails me again and says the work is complete and sends a picture. Yesterday, Sep 10th my bf is back home and looks at it again - see last images. I’m not comfortable with the wrinkled tape. In at least one spot when the loose part of the tape is folded back you can see a tacky material sticking to the roof, but it just doesn’t seem watertight to me if its not fully adhered (wrinkled).

I called GAF and the tech support rep said the Stormguard is supposed to be adhered to a wood deck, not asphalt, and it’s meant to have a roof installed over it, not painted with elastomeric. It shouldn’t wrinkle and shouldn’t be exposed to UV rays for more than 60 days.

I’m looking for a second professional opinion on whether I am scrutinizing this too much or if I need to have him redo the job with different tape. I called the roofer who reroofed our old house 7 years ago but they are 1 month out, and plus I’d prefer an opinion from someone who doesn’t have the opp to offer to “fix” it if it doesn’t need it.

Thanks for any and all feedback offered.


GAF Stormguard is not to be used for that applicaiton and is also not rated as a “hi-temp” product. Taping seams and coating the membrane is just window dressing.

You need a real membrane roof system such as SBS or APP modified bitumen, TPO, PVC or EPDM.

You’ve been sold a new bill of goods after you bought the previous bill of goods.


You could have used 4 rolls of certainteed granulated self adhered modified bitumen
And some asphalt primer and covered the whole roof.
Or used only one roll cut into strips for repair.

But now you have it covered it in some elastomeric(silicone??)
It supposedly will not adhere if it is silicone based.


Yes. The guys are right. If it was Storm guard, it will not work. It might for a few months but its going to wrinkle and decay. I’m going to tell you something you already know. This guy is not a roofer. No professional roofer would have put that on your house. Heck, a simple EPDM, over foam board would have been cheap and easy. A 30-40yr product. Call a roofer. I wouldnt pay anything.


Thanks all for the feedback. My understanding is that when the roof still has some life left but needs a new layer of protection it can be retaped and resealed. Obviously this will only last a handful of years (3-10, I don’t know) but that it wasn’t necessary to completely replace it yet. Are you saying that this is incorrect, or is there a different GAF product (or other) that would have been correct for this application?

I’m asking GAF if they have any local reps who can come look at the work.

I’ve paid a deposit of $775, but owe $800. I want to either pay him as quickly as possible (I’m now 2 weeks out since his invoice), have him fix it, or cut ties and go with someone else. I don’t want to do the latter since I’d be out almost $800.


The use of GAF Stormguard is COMPLETELY wrong for this application.

COMPLETELY WRONG. The local GAF rep should tell you the same thing. Don’t bother calling him and wasting his (or your) time.

Tell the contractor that did this work to give your money back to you. Go find a contractor that knows which product is proper for your roof (again, NOT GAF STORMGUARD) and have them give you a price.


The correct low slope material that is similar to StormGuard from GAF is called Liberty, it’s a 2-ply self adhered modified bitumen with a base sheet and cap sheet. Not sure if Liberty is appropriate application for Florida climate, but as far as I know StormGuard is a leak barrier with limited UV resistance and not meant to be coated like that.