I'm back, finally

Thanks guys for getting it all worked out!!

Now I am back and can spread my knowledge all around…er,…um…yeah.

Now that I’m on, I have too much to do tonight to answer any questions. Oh well, I’ll teach everybody tomorrow.

Welcome back.

And the day after that too?

Welcome back.

Whatever happened to Aaron? Anyone know??

G, were you having login issues too?

Yep, I couldn’t get on for the life of me. I tried so many things, and nothing worked. But the guys in admin pulled through for me when I asked for help!!

Good job guys ! you’re so smart!

I can’t log on at work using the IE browser. Switched to FireFox and it’s fine. Home is fine with either browser. Welcome back.

this is the first time i have been able to log in at home. just started to be able to log in at the office 2 days ago. now i dont have to yell at the screen anymore when i dont agree with something! i wasnt able to log in since december.


After reading this post I decided to try to log in again. I also have not been able to log in since early January.

NIce to be back.



For you, I’d think it would be nice to see sunlight right about now…