Illinois Residential test

I am looking to take the Illinois residential Licensing Test.
I was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction as far as materials needed to study etc.
I understand the test is a different animal compared to actual work experience.
Also I am not looking to drop 3k+ on a 3 day course thanks.

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We operate right on the border of Illinois but do not cross into because we are not liscensed.
Pretty much everyone that we have asked about the subject has said just go ahead and take that course if you want to pass the test.
Its a prep class for the test the way its been explained to me.
As someone who has taken other license tests I can tell you from past experience that real world hands on experience helps very little in the test taking. Its usually about finding the answer in the approved code books and answering enough questions correctly in the allotted amount of time.
If we were at all interested we would find the best prep course and take it.
Just my opinion.

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