IKO Shingles installed incorrectly?


So the last few windstorms has caused Shingles from my 2.5 year old home to come off. When looking at themm there appears to be a 1 inch or so plastic strip that wasn’t removed which covers black glue? Shouldnt the strip have been removed on installation for additional adhesion? Several other homes in the area from this builder have the same issue while the other builders homes have not had any issues. Looks like this forum doesn’t allow pics?


You can use imgur.com to post pictures.

If your shingles are blowing off they are likely fastened incorrectly.


Most likely cause is bad nailing. Could be done too high or had the pressure set too high and nailed blew through the shingles. That plastic strip is NOT meant to be removed! Its purpose is simply to keep the shingles from sticking together in the bundle before installed.


Picture here…



Interesting, as another person seemed to believe the strip needed to be removed so that the glue strip underneath would add additional adhesive to the shingle to keep it from flapping in higher winds.

Picture is now attached (couldn’t post it yesterday as a newb on the forum).


One of my roofing pet peves is the amount of people who believe that. Some manufacturers print “do not remove” on that strip, and I wish they all did as it makes it so much easier when I have to debate that point! Hahaha




Are you in Ontario? If so, gale force winds blew through, as you know. 120+kmh winds will knock something loose.