Igloo shaped pizza oven


Evening all, I was just asked by a GC, to install a copper standing seam roof over a 6 foot diameter wood fired pizza oven. The " oven " is formed with fire brick, and then coated with 3 inches of insulated concrete, in the shape of a rounded igloo. I am NOT allowed to used nails, or screws and the GC suggested " gluing " it… So, anyone ever do something like this ?



Standing seam is held down with hidden screws and clips. And if someone refused to let me nail or screw down the clips and suggested “gluing” I recommend walking away.


A few questions first.
The standing seam metal is expected to be installed directly over the concrete?
Is that correct?

And is this expected to be a real roof designed to work?
Or is this oven inside and it is for decoration?


GC is stupid. Walk away.


Gc has no clue, first off copper will look like Hell if you form it over concrete no matter how good you are. Second standing seam is installed with clips to allow for expansion and contraction, you will have more than usual if it’s installed on an oven. Only way I could think of doing it is building a wood frame that sits on top, pull it off sheath it, install the standing seam and then sit it on top as a prefab unit with some construction adhesive.


GC, actually is a pretty good guy and rather skilled… The owner proposed covering the " oven " with copper and trying to make this work. I was not thrilled with standing seam and suggested going with a flat lock seam… ( soldering is still a question ) This would all be done for aesthetics, and is in now way truly functional.

I am not really sure if I will get involved but I was willing to look into it for him and come up with some possible ideas and efforts… Thanks to everyone’s opinions.


It can’t be that big of a roof so it can’t be that much money. But it could end up sucking you dry. I can’t see a compelling reason to do it but I see a number of great reasons to walk away. Or bid it so high it is worth the risk. And I mean high.


LIke A.D. Said make it worth your time. If everything goes well you get paid and have a good advertising pic. Sounds like trouble but could be worth your while