Ideas for selling roofing in Northern VA during winter


We’re a Northern VA roofing company breaking into the Fairfax residential roofing market, and I’m looking for new ways to reach our people during the winter. We’ve been putting resources into online marketing, but it’s slowed down as it has gotten colder. How do you all reach people in the colder months?


In colder snowy winter months in pa we try to focus on the higher end work, metal, slate, tile, and try to push big cheaper shingle jobs to spring. Slate and tile work isn’t effected by the cold like shingles are and it’s much easier to clean snow off smaller areas than an entire shingle roof. Don’t have to worry about rippley shingles not sealing.

Flats are also great and in the winter too. A tear off Tear off that would be brutal in the summer can be much less intense in the cold and often goes faster when bur and modified are cold and more brittel. Once it’s off the heat from torch down keeps the guys nice and warm.