Ice & water shield

Hey folks…another question here.

Is Mod Bit typically concidered to be an ice & water shield? I asked my contractor to install ice & water sheild in the valleys and around the eaves…this is what he used.

good, bad, ugly?



NO. Modified Bitumen is flat roofing material and has no adhesive underneath it. Ice and Water barrier is a different product and serves a different purpose.

Thank you for your response. Maybe I shouldn’t be too quick to assume. I didn’t actually see him install it, but I did see the rolls on site. Could he have used this in the peak areas instead? I didn’t see any specific Ice & watersheild present so I’m assuming this is wha he did…

Thanks again!

bitmen is alot thicker than ice and water shied plus you torch it down instead of have glued back with release papes, bitmen is very good for hake roofs and cooperflashings

If you are in a clod climate then by code you need ice and watershield. It will be at the gutters edge of the roof. Never heard of using mod for that.

Was this a roof over?

I have seen it used as extra protection in the valley’s. It should never be used in place of ice and water, at least here in Michigan. It’s against code.

no, it was stripped

I asked for Ice and water shield along the eaves and in the valley’s (In in Southern Ontario)

Now I’m wondering if I got burned…I guess I could lift the shingles up and have a peek under?? (Except the valleys…guess I’ll never know)

Look at the gutter line. I have no clue what is code in canada.

if its torch down and its workin.
thats a good thing imo.