Ice & Water Removal?


Based on $90 a sheet including labor and a sheet costing $20 a sheet, lets suppose that it takes 1/2 hour to lift one sheet, place a new one and nail it down. That works out to $140 gross profit an hour after COG, now I don’t believe anyone is paying there labor to that degree. If they were the job to have is laying sheathing not roofing material.

Most sheathing is just nailed down (and clipped for OSB and weaker span grades), although I can believe that some buildings go up where adhesive might be applied to the rafters. This would be a beooch, but an attic inspection would show this and the price should be adjusted accordingly.

In my case the bad plywood is 5/8" CDX, rated 32" span set on rafters 24" oc nailed down with no adhesive. The bad pieces are along the eave edge and extends back about 10 inches caused by some ice damming due to poor ventilation. The ventilation issue was resolved by full soffit vents extending the full length and baffles installed to ensure air flow.

I am lucky to have caught this when I did, since there where no tell tale signs in the house. My investigation started when I inspected my shingles and found they were curling, many of the seals were released and there was chipping and black algae streaks after only 14 years of service. They were burnt up so to speak.

So know that I am way off topic for this thread and believe I have some good viable direction for the contractor, that I will supervise and inspect throughout the balance of job. I need to see that this roof gets on before the snow flies.

Many thanks to all those that contributed. Maybe I don’t have a lostroof after all.


Slow down of production.
Takes 2 people to safely get the plywood on the roof.
The sheet of plywood does not drive itself to the job.
Removing of the old sheet
Extra paperwork

If we do whole roofs the price is different.

If you can get it lefty by all means do it. Up here i would get laughed at asking 90 when people are doing for 35 7/16 osb.

Were at three dollars a square foot for 5/8" plywood redecking. On some older buildings we can do a 3/8" plywood overlay and save a little money. No OSB allowed on roofs “company policy”.