Ice shield and gutter apron

We are in process of having our cedar roof replaced with asphalt. The exiting copper gutters and gutter apron are being reused. Today I noticed that the gutter apron was installed over the ice and water shield. I asked the contractor about this and he said that the ice shield extends down over the gutter (inside), and then the apron goes over that.

Is this an acceptable installation? I thought that the ice shield should go over the apron.

If the gutters need to be re-pitched, won’t it be a problem since the ice shield is adhered to the gutter?

thx, Don

Are you sure he specifically said, over and into the gutter with the Ice and Water Shield?

It more appropriately should go past the roof edge and slightly fold down onto the fascia board and even just going flush to the edge of the plywood or whatever decking is acceptable for the intended purpose of resisting Ice Dam leaks on the roof overhang areas.


Yep, that’s what he told me. The ice shield extended past the edge of the roof into the gutter.

Is this a problem? The paper is installed all the way up now. Should I ask that they redo?

Is it correct for the gutter apron to go over the ice shield?

thx, Don

I just got on the ladder and looked - I can definitely see the ice shield inside the gutter about a 1/4" below the bottom of the apron.


That does not make sense to me.

If and when the gutters clog up with Ice, now it will get directly behind the Ice and Water Shield.

I never heard of sticking it to the inside of the actual gutter before.

Ask him to show you an approved detail for that application from that brands manufacturer.

I would slice it off and let the remainder stick to the fascia board, where it will do some good.

Here is a link to Grace Ice and Water Shield products.


[quote=“dmestan”]I just got on the ladder and looked - I can definitely see the ice shield inside the gutter about a 1/4" below the bottom of the apron.


That will work quite well.
You should have no problems. :wink:

He is talking about it being stuck “Into” the gutter Ax.

Wouldn’t that create a problem when the ice forms inside the gutter?

I don’t think it is a major issue, but I never heard of anyone sticking it into the gutter before.


If he had striped in his gutter apron I would have called it overkill…

If the Ice & Water shield is Grace, it is a great way to do it, if it is some other I&W shield type product, it is still good.

Grace sticks to everything and it is protected by the gutter apron.
The only “true” Ice & Water Shield = Grace…

Thanks guys - I guess I won’t make a stink about it.

The only concern then I still have is how to re-pitch the gutters if the ice shiel is stuck to the inside.

BTW, what does “striped in” mean?

thx, Don

An 8" wide piece of Ice & Water shield over the top of the gutter apron on to the I&W shield on the deck.
Basically sandwiching the gutter apron in I&W shield.

I & W barrier should run behind the gutter and a 2-3" onto the fascia board. No reason for it to run into the gutter. If there is an edge metal involved ( your “apron”? ) then I would strip it in with I & W.

Hi,Another way to do it is to first install a 10 to 12 inch strip of IWS with 2" overlapping the top edge of the fascia and the 8 to 10" on the roof-then install the roof apron -then install your full pc.of IWS ontop of the roof apron–the IWS should not be sealed to the gutter,this would restrict the expansion and contraction ,plus if you are using an Alcoa system the apron and gutter could not hook together…also makes replacing the gutter alot easier.