Ice and water shield on gambrel


hi, where would you consider it necessary for ice and water shield on a gambrel roof? on the eaves of the steep portions that are at least 16 in 12? over the transitions?


Some warranties demand it . Also depends on your area .

post your location and maybe one of the locals can help you


I’m in northeast Penna. - near Scranton


If you have gutters you can still get ice damming, no matter the pitch. I’d err on the safe side and use it on my house.


Thanks, I got enough to go anywhere it could be necessary.


Remember 2 foot inside the exterior wall if it is heated. That means the steep sides and 1 row on the lower pitch.


Nope I wouldn’t put it on my gambrel house. I’d sell it to the customer tho


required by code here - found out today


I would think you needed it in any eave location, no matter the pitch.

Can’t condensation form on even the steepest of surfaces (even vertical, especially a granulated one), then freeze, then more condensation + freezing action which then backs up under the shingles & then… bingo, bad wood.

Am I right on this? I’m a product of South Florida & Central Texas roofing, so I really have no idea.