I wanna b a legit business need awnsers 2 questions in ohio

Im a crew leader 4 a local residential roofing comp here in n.e. ohio.I also do alot of side work.Everything from new construction too complete tear off and repairs.I make a fair living as my bosses crew leader however Im in a position now where i can get alot of sub work from several other companies as long as im legit{liscensed insured and bonded}.and so i wanted some opinions on the easiest ways to obtain these 3 things thanks

big mike

Well insurance will cost you between liability and wc a ton of cash. I hear guys spending a large downpayment on getting it.

i hope you are not making these contacts based off of your current companies reputation. i believe that if you solicit your current comapnies customers you can be sued (cant remember what its called). i make all my employees sign a no compete clause.

big mike,

Look into COSE for the workers comp ins. They can also steer you to insurance companies for liability and bonding. They can also help with health ins.

You will need to learn how to sell your jobs based on something other than price.
Your true labor cost is going to be much higher than you anticipate.
$180 - $200 per square ain’t gonna cut it, even for the easy ones…

First of all in NE OHIO there really is no “liscensed, insured, bonded”. To get a bond with a good company you have to be in business for several years or have an insurance policy for so many years. The state of Ohio does not require you to be licensed to roof in Ohio so niethier do contractors you can sub from. You are not going to make very much subbing from a company who doesn’t require you to carry workers comp. Simply because then they are responsible for you and your employees if something happens. I don’t sub at all let alone sub to someone who doesn’t carry thier own comp.