I sent the following email to Xactimate


Thanks for the answers!


The package includes 3RS Profit MAX - “The Playbook” insurance claims training and certification on 1 CD and business forms + 3RS MAXtimate on 2nd CD + an actual “3RSystems Certified Contractor” certificate with burcos.com/recover.htm insured ref/verify page + membership in the ICCOA - all for slightly higher than 1 months fee for Xactimate. Absolutely well worth it. ICCOA is for exposing and confronting busy body politicians, ins commissioners and legislators whose own agendas make contracting harder. I take them on because, frankly, most contractors don’t know how. As with potential insured customers, I always ask permission before given their name as a reference.

LMB - I have been a member on here for a while, but have talked on very few occasions. I am genuinely interested in “The Playbook” much like Dad, however most everything you have had to say on here and on your websites seems to go around in circles and promising money money money. While I admit the prospect of better profits is enticing. I will not shell out $330 without some references. As soon as you open up your reference book of fellow contractors who have found your package useful I will have no problem opening up my wallet.


3BM Quote: LMB - “promising money money money. While I admit the prospect of better profits is enticing. I will not shell out $330 without some references. As soon as you open up your reference book of fellow contractors who have found your package useful I will have no problem opening up my wallet.”

3BM - Fair enough! Not promises of money, money, money though, just a promise to share practical information and process that have served me well over the years and have helped me to earn more money and have more freedom and more fun as it has helped other contractors to do the same. That being said, my intent is definetely to help other contractors earn substantially more money (www.iccoa.com).


I guess that means references are not forthcoming. LMK if you would share a few references, I’d be very interested in spending some money with you. Otherwise, good luck in your endeavor.


well since that got brought uyp yes never lost with or without software. Just need to be a salesman. everything is for sale whats the cost thou. Even people.


Yeah, never lost, 100% close rate. As believable as you giving all your advice for free.


Most never lose on a storm damage claim. The real question is; did you get all of the money the ins co owed the insured? (BTW), no one gets 100% of the claim 100% of the time! Writing “free” estimates in a storm damage situation is not selling - it is order taking.

With storm damage contracting, sales has to do with selling the insured on signing up with your company but little to do with convincing the ins co to fully pay their claims.

References forth coming…


Insurance work yes. residental 52% this year. guess i donty know what im doing again


AD -

I stopped using XM at version 24, and went back to–

craftsman-book.com/products/inde … x&cPath=49


I do not “negotiate” with adjusters. I present the individual unit/extended unit costs to them, with a “Contractor-of-Choice” agreement, and go over the reconstruction details.

The (National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator) listed pricing is generally comparable to the typically AVERAGE construction costs listed in Xactimate, Simsol, PowerClaim, and MSB/IntegriClaim. It’s core data is even referenced by Simsol, PowerClaim, and the online service, Symbility.

AD - I too had questions for the ISO / Xactimate pricing specialists, approximately 2 months ago. I’ll try to dig up the correspondence.

(As a side point, be aware that Allstate Insurance is preaching that the prices listed in Xactimate is the ONLY price they will recognize in a given zip code). That corruption will be exposed as claims are progressively filed by Allstate, and channeled to the ISO.

Too, I believe (without a doubt) that pulling away from Xactimate helps ones to prove what major cost components are actually in roofing, guttering, siding, window, garage door, etc. systems, besides RCV / ACV calculations.

Residential / Commercial customers understand the transparent estimation details NRIRE provides, and that truly helps keep adjusters honest. I’m usually approximately 17-22% above XM’s default AVERAGE costs, but can prove what is being deconstructed / reconstructed, thus justifying all reconstruction points.


ClaimHawk, I would certainly appreciate you sharing that information from Xactimate. Check your private messages by the way. Thanks.


I too am on the fence. It seems to be interesting but without tangible data in hand or a demo video of what functions the software has… I just can’t swallow it. I currently work pretty heavily with insurance companies and am constantly going back and forth with the cost of line items & materials that Xactimate27 puts out. Some things are in line but others are WAYYY off. I have a hard time believing that Xactimate isn’t produced by an insurance company to fool all of us into thinking that we have the upper hand. There are a few commercial jobs that we have been in battle over since March of last year. Granted these jobs are around the 200k mark but it’s getting pretty ridiculous. We’ve had 2 different engineers out there (theirs and ours) and 6 different consultants out there. The damage is hail to the roof and A/C units on all of the projects. I would like to know if the claims LMB makes are for residential and commercial or what.




Mostly for residential and mostly for exterior but the program can be manipulated to include some interior and some commercial. Never needed anything more for my purposes however and some of the jobs were substantial. I’m considering adding a video re: MAXtimate but really haven’t need to thus far.

Go to the “Overhead & Profit Values vs. Dishonest Adjusters/Insurer” thread in the forum and read through the discussions there re: my program. I think that will help. Otherwise, feel free to contact me through the methods provided.

Thanks, Larry Burtis - BURCOS


LMB, we’ve been waiting now for a couple of weeks for you to produce a few references. I could honestly care less about your Maximate program or whatever. Your Playbook could potentially have some interest and may well be worth the price tag. I know if I had a potential Customer wanting references from me in order to make a decision, they wouldn’t have to wait more than a few hours at most to get them.


Dad, your patience is much appreciated! When the program was first released, to my surprise, no one asked for references, they just went on line and ordered the program - and that was before MAXtimate was added at no addl charge. Recently however, more and more people are asking for references (which is great) and more are calling to talk with me personally before placing their order (again, great).

And since more people are asking for references prior to placing their orders, I decided to place a number of endorsements/references on the website. But, just as you are waiting, I am also waiting patiently for a number of busy contractors who said they were happy to endorse my product to get back to me.


I am also interested in the product. But I need the references to do my due diligence. Although, as time passes I am becoming less interested.


Ok Dad, references now on the website at www.burcos.com/profitmax.htm. I will type in quotes as customers provide them. Also read the customer provided reference letters (insurance/financial planning and contracting) under the “about the author” link near the bottom of the page on the same line as the “customer references/endorsements” link under “The Playbook”.

The insurance/investment clients who offered their letters (2) were responsible for millions of dollars as leaders of their companies. Mr. Adducci was an extremely successful venture capitalist and inventor. Those people (like prominent attorneys, letter #3) don’t do business with clowns or scam artists which is why they chose to do business with me. Take a look and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have!


For those interested, this link should actually work: www.burcos.com/profitmax.htm

Larry, I don’t know how they do things where you come from, but when a Customer asks for a reference in my neck of the woods, they want the name and contact information. There are “references” and there are “testimonials”, they aren’t the same thing. Am I supposed to look up their business phone number in the white pages and call them? Also, do you have any clients in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee or Alabama that I could speak with?


[quote=“Authentic_Dad”]For those interested, this link should actually work: www.burcos.com/profitmax.htm

Thanks for that. After posting the www I realized that the period at the end of the address prevented anyone from linking directly to the site - at least through this forum.

Am I supposed to look up their business phone number in the white pages and call them? Also, do you have any clients in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee or Alabama that I could speak with?[/quote]

It’s not likely that your customers have websites that your potential customers can easily link to for verification and it’s also not likely that your potential customers will want to take calls from potentially thousands of potential customers from around the country regarding your service. Therefore, I’ve made it relatively easy for anyone to check out my references as well as contact them if necessary without those contacts becoming an annoyance…to be continued



One particular customer’s posting on this forum about his apparent satisfaction with 3RS Profit MAX was good enough for several who read it and proceeded to contact me a couple of days later. Many who have ordered the program did so based only on what appeared on the website. I’ve never been asked for a refund and have never received any complaints of dissatisfaction.

As I’ve said before, 3RS MAXtimate which is a free add on is designed to be simple and easy to use but get much better results than anything Xactimate or similar programs can produce. Some who order the program and use it call me back and say great things while others say nothing. Some of them call me later on asking for assistance on how to utilize the program. Don’t know what to tell you AD. You seem like an intelligent guy but if what you’ve read about the program on this forum and what’s written on the website isn’t enough for you, I don’t know what is???


I almost wish I still cared about this bullshit industry. I’m so burned out on insurance work, that I think im gonna go flip burgers at mcdonalds.