I need a roofing job. No one will hire me

I want to be a roofer. I called 30 roofing companies in Tampa Bay. No one will hire me because I have no roofing experience.

I live in Tampa Bay area.

Can someone provide me with some leads? I want to be a roofer.


You dont have to be crazy to be a roofer,but it does help.

you didnt call us?

Mrroofer thanks for the information.

Is your company hiring roofers with no experience?


your not a roofer without having to climb the ladder,years of experence

I have heard a lot of people say they want to be a roofer, until they get up on the roof. As you all know, you either have it in your blood or you dont. I think that holds true because my great gpa was a roofer, my gpa was, two of my uncles on that side are, my brothers are, my cousin is . . . and the weirdest thing is, we all enjoyed it (most the of the time)

Good luck to you!


I am a first generation roofer. I have built a company with people who have never in their lives thought I want to be a roofer. Some of them where afraid of heights when they came to me needing a job. One of them was a foreman in 2 years.

We give an “Employee of the Year” award at our Christmas party. It is named the “Paul Gulich Employee of the Year Award”. He was everything you look for in an employee.

He worked for me for 4 years till his murder.

So give me someone with heart and I will make a roofer out of you.

prove to them that u know how to do it, … u go nuts, strip like 2 shignles at a time n go nuts… if the shingles seperate easily throw them perfectly on a tarp so you can pick them up easily later, and the main thing is keeping up to the nailer, because i guarentee you wont be nailing, you will start off labouring, ive been labouring for almost a year now, and i can keep up to a nailer, laying out bundles, hammering down all nails, cleaning eaves, laying out ice and water, and still somehow have time to clean 42 bundles of garbage off the ground all by myself… u just go nuts and its mostley about being smart, dont throw garbage like a fucking dumbass, or you wont know what to do wit hthe pile… roofing is brains not muscle… not balls… its brains.

Sort of born into me.

Third generation roofer. Got two Uncles, four cousins, two brothers and a dad who all roof for a living.

My mom used to work on the roof as does my little sister from time to time.

I started laboring for my dad at 13 a year after my first job.

Guys, you need to re-read my question.

I didn’t ask for you personal work histories.

I asked for leads to become a roofer with no experience. The closest think I got were a few links to roofing companies that weren’t hiring.

Thanks to chabonnible who said roofing is more brains than muscle. And you will start out as labour and show them what you can do. Thanks for the tip.

But again everything else is useless if I dont have a roofing job.

Jcrew, alot of companies are not hiring due to lack of work. Right now things are slow. In florida from what i have heard things are very slow. Why not drive around and when you see a crew working on a roof stop by and ask if they are hiring thats how i got started in this business.

You have to look for work, it will not come to you on the net. Gweedo on this site i think is close to you look him up and see if he needs any help.


I read it just fine.

I am in Pa. Are you looking for a job in Pa?

If you take something from what everyone said you may figure out how to get a job. You need to look for a job with a company that does not believe you need to be born a roofer.

The company I would look for is a drug-free company with health benefits and retirement plan. These companys will take good people and make roofers out of them. They are not looking for tempory help. They invest in training their employees.

If you have a drivers licence, and are willing to bust ass ALL DAY, and can show up on time EVERY DAY, and survive the heat w/out bitchin’, and do what you are asked to do when asked then you have 95% of what you need. I am in LA now but left FL to come here. The kids in FL looking for work in roofing are few and far so if you really wanna roof forget the phone and get personal.
Good Luck

gtp1003, Lefty, and Krakkerjack.

Thanks for the input. I willdo just that. I will get off the phone and get personal with roofers. I walked up some roofers the other day working on a building. I asked if them if they were hiring. I told them I could do twice the work in half the time and made sure it was done to perfection. They told me they werent hiring.

I am 40 yrs old. I grew up on a farm and did some roofing when I was a kid and construction. But that was a long time ago. Luckily, I am a bodybuilder and runner and I have managed to keep myself in shape over the years.
Last year I tryed out to be a police officer. Out of 20 young recruits—I came in 1st place on the all exercise events—including the 1 mile run, 300 meter sprint, the dummy drag, pushups and situps and didn’t break a sweat. I was up against kids who were 18 years old and they were amazed at my physical ability. I’m in good shape for my age.
I have worked “somewhat” blue collar jobs my whole life such as nurse, teacher, bellhop, and rehabbing houses.

I’m going to get a roofing job and try to make a career out of it.

If you do twice the work of everyone else you might get thorwn on your head for making everyone else look bad. Remember this is day in and day out not a 1 or 2 day event. This is everyday in temps over 100. At your age you only will have so many years untill the body will not take it. A licensed RN nurse where i am at pays better than roofing. Just my 2 cents

I have been construction for 22 yrs,and I will be 40 in oct. I am worth $15.00-25.00 an hour to the companies in my area. That is not a great wage for someone with my experience…Also I don’t look to hire someone over 25 yrs old with no experience, (no offence) but the truth is that by the time you get to the point of pro…you will be to the point of retiring. I wish I could retire, but the fact is that construction industry does not offer that option,lol

Jwoolf is right on that. If you already had experience at that age, you would be hired in a second. That is probably why you cant find a job even though you say you are in great shape. Is it really woth a companys time to invest their own time into a guy who may only last 5 years? What at that age would make you want to start roofing? Usually, the oldest age we will hire someone at with no experience is around 30 years old. Thats just us though. We tried hiring a guy once at 43 who said he could out work everyone on the crew so we let him try it. After trying to keep with us for about an hour, we was gassed and only made it with us for a little less than two weeks. So, when you find a job try not to say something like that right away, just work your butt off and show them, NOT tell them. You’ll earn more respect that way.

I think it would be hard to find any kind of career that would start someone with no experience at the age of 40 that wants to do it for a living. Thats my two cents. I do hope it works out for you though and you find what you want.

I ain’t gonna labor on this subject, but if some muscle bound 40yr old walked up to me on a roof and said what you did I would’nt hire him either. I would consider him “not quite right” and therefore a liability. Understand I am not making an assumption about you here, just the way I would view what you did.
Being a fit “bodybuilder” is fine, but it does’nt mean you are built for a roof. Roofing is not a gym with a fixed regimen in a controlled environment, with a bunch of positive minded friends. It is 90% hard, dirty, dangerous, thankless, graft, often with a bunch of people you wouldn’t choose as friends, not to mention coming in at the ground level…you ain’t gonna make alot of money.
I understand leaving teaching, an admirable proffession but vocational none the less, but I would stick with nursing.
Just my 2c.

If I were you I would tell people you are looking for work. If you’ve walked on a roof before I would state that (not everyone has). You are willing to start at the bottom. And tell them if you only last two weeks, then they will get two weeks work out you.

Maybe I shouldn’t have told you my age…
because now my original question went from "your
personal “work histories” to “your too old.”

If I wanted to hear your opinions I would ask for them. I CLEARLY STATED IN MY QUESTION I WAS ASKING FOR LEADS TO BECOME A ROOFER — not anything else.

Some roofing companies may not hire me because of my age and lack of experience-----thats true----but there are some roofing companies who would be happy to hire a mature man who is reliable, has excellent references, excellent work history, works very hard, and shows up to work on time every day.

Im going to be a roofer and I will do it regardless of my age and regardless of pay. Thats my goal. If I succeed great, if I fail then thats my problem.

People told me I couldnt rehab houses when I
was 35 y.o. and I did it in 120 degrees in those houses with no air conditioning. I worked my butt off but it didn’t phase me. The only kid I worked with got heat exhaustion and a sore back from lifting cabinets all day…so much for youth.

People told me I couldn’t get a college degree at 37 and I become a math teacher because I was too old. I succeeded and like it but now I want to use my other talents.

Sometimes you have to reach down and grab your balls to remind yourself how persisent you have to be to accomplish anything in this world—
despite the “sour grapes.”

Again, if you can provide me with leads to get a roofing job then DO IT and I will be thankful.
Otherwise don’t waste my time.