I need a cat 5 hurricane proof roof

not real close 2-3 miles so no salt spray or salt water contact
all cut areas were cold galvanized with 80% zink spray

I would love alloy or copper but cost was much more then the deal I got
thanks to a wife who wanted standing seam after they bought the 5v

Inspected detected and NOT rejected

we passed final inspection today

now daring a storm to come by


planned on steel channel but trash picked a gem

1/2’’ SS 6x9 cable long enough to do the roof edges 22k lbs working load

I think it was an aircraft tie down rig why it was on a road side I have no idea
but the homeowner said yes it is free to take so I did
the cable is bright and looks new/unused retail is $3.69 a foot
has triangle SS 1/4’’ plates with turnbuckles of 3/4’’ threaded SS with big loop ends
I am unsure if those can be used as tiedowns in concrete

picture of the SS cable and odd attachments all SS


Ok, you have me curious here. What are you planning on doing here exactly?

I suspect that he is going to strap down his roof with that cable so the whole roof assembly doesn’t detach and blow away.

well do to summer heat and doing the garage roof with the extra 5v
I have not got the channel and pipe yet as planed
but the 1/2’’ SS cable should be a good replacement to strap down my new roof
and tie it to the concrete ground slab as it has a 22,000 lbs working load

I feel so bad for you roofers in that kind of danger zone. You are who the speed limits (nail patterns and staggers etc… regulations) were made for, and you make simple desert dwelling , way hard.

As in, yea, we dont need ice and water, double overlocked by heavy synthetic, plus a metal valley, to be the norm for us semi desert dwellers. I mean fuck, we just tore up a ghetto ass California valley with no paper underneath, and now us installers should think we need 3 underlays plus a metal, in order to “feel good”, about the job? I’m still laughing

So starting at the beginning, what type of roof is guaranteed not to lift off a building?

One that is strapped down with 1/2" stainless steel cable.

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Yep!..I can see people clamoring to have a cable tie down roof to reinforce their sense of aesthetics.
It always pays to step back before moving forward.
If you’re going to offset lift by increasing resistance you may as well have a 4 inch reinforced pitched concrete roof given that cyclones are an ongoing reality and not a passing fashion phenomena

first idea was gal steel channel 1/4x3x2
but the 1/2 SS cable 22k lbs load was given to me

so plan changed to fit what I have

btw on 5v the cable sits in a double V

it blends in and doesn’t jump out to the eye

I had to repeatedly point it out to a neighbor

thinking of running it on the two porch steel pillars and the far end of the house

and on the outside of the garage

and semi hide it on the wall

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‘’ If you’re going to offset lift by increasing resistance you may as well have a 4 inch reinforced pitched concrete roof given that cyclones are an ongoing reality and not a passing fashion phenomena’’

my first thought steel/concrete fero-cement like a boat hull



is not to code as a replace/repair so engineering costs plans permits test ect
forms supports pumps and shakers skilled crew to do it in a day
all added up to way more then the mud and rebar guessed costs

so went with basic do it yourself 3 layer plywood and glue screwed +5v topping
the 1/2 ss is just the cherry on top to be double sure the roof stays


Maybe it will get tested sooner than later.

for wind loads calculations


trying to understand the numbers for lift and how strong the cable end fittings and ground ties really need to be

if I plug in my numbers at a 200mph wind speed
I get

one number is -93 labeled (w/ +GCpi) windward roof for end zone [lift?]

for the next column I get -65 (w/ -GCpi) leeward roof for end zone.

p= pounds per square foot no idea what i is w= 1/2 width

so I get 15/-93 times ‘‘i’’ what ever the ‘‘i’’ is

Well, you may get your test. Dont take chances. Good luck to you.

Naw, he’s barely going to get a breeze.