I need a bid (and or advice)

I’ve got a 90 square u-shaped building, its 5/12 needs approx 8-9 sheets plywood. I’ve called many companys but only 1 gave me a bid another came out but haven’t heard back from them. the bid I got is for 22k for a tear off (1 layer), 30# felt, ice and water shield, up to 12 sheets of plywood, 30 year shingle and says it could be done in 4 days. I just wanna know if thats a fair price or if anyone else wants to bid on it! I’m in the Chicago suburbs (35 miles west of chi.) The job looks really quite easy as far as roofs go - but i’m no roofer!

sorry guys , I meant to post this in the business section!

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Many people come here asking for estimates on their projects, unfortunately price can vary greatly due to a number of factors which make it almost impossible to do over the internet. Your best course of action is to get at least three estimates from local, reputable, insured roofing contractors and compare. If you post a full set of quality pictures, list your city/state and a quick synapsis of your project, you may get lucky and have a Roofing.com member shoot you a very ball park price for your area. However keep in mind that the only price that will matter in the end is the one on the contract you sign.

Call reliable american or theres another guy on here thats from your neck of the woods ed the roofer.

I am from the NW suburbs, near Elgin, and the company is named. Right Way Roofing Company. (847) 426-9730

If you are closer to the North Shore, Grumpys company is called Reliable American Roofing Company and I think he just moved to a new office in either Skokie or Niles.

If you are located around the South Suburbs, Aaron B of Rose Roofing is our of the Lockport or Joliet area.


That is about $250 a square, which is probably about right for the Chicago area.

FYI I moved my residence, not my office. My office is and always has been in Glenview IL, however I have had 3 offices now in Glenview, each one a larger size.

$250 a square was good in March. After the steady increases of materials we’ve had this year, I can’t do a standard 25 square house for less than $300 unless it’s charity. However I just did a Church at 200 squares for about $186 and made good money. Having said that, I suppose you can tell that every job is different.

Ed or grumpy would be a good choice, really and educated choice.

Have them out there to survey what you have. They are both very good at what they do on a roof!

Tar, while what you posted is still relevant, in the case of this ‘dear reader’, a good portion of their topic had to do with the lack of return info or calls from those who have been out to see the project.

I have no clue how some guys from another part of the country can say a price is good when they are not from there. I just dont get it. That is not ment to be a hit or anything i just dont get it. Thats why i refered them to the 2 roofers in that area.

GTP, in the case of Cerberus, he may live in Houston, but he works nationally.

The Original Post date is from April 1st guys. I think this one is over and done with, or was a prank.


Let’s blame Grumpy for digging this out of the grave (I would assume the customer has completed his repairs by now).

aint rite.