I like this forum

I just got started at this forum. It seems to be all right since the other site changed up to a smaller screen and inferior product.

hello roofsrus.
nice user name.
welcome to the site.


How do you do.

Welcome to another addiction.


hey etr,
i see you have an exciting sat night also.


I was at the Office before, but now I got home and just got done ordering tickets for the Dinosaur Live Show called “Walking With The Dinosaurs” at the United Center in downtown Chicago tomorrow afternoon with my Wife, Erin and our 5 year old boy, Little Eddie.

I am too addicted to Forums to not have stopped in and checked my e-mail message alerts.


forums are the bomb.


I’m new here too. I read the first page of both forums and am excited to interact.
Usually i have wanted to keep all my info to myself since i learned it on my own but i have decided to share. There seems to be many old timers here that i could learn some things from.

nice to meet you r-lov.