I have house in buffalo needs roof

i live in florida and have a house in buffalo. it has plank deck, wood shakes and 1 layer of shingles. it is 2 story with about 6/12 pitch gable roof with no valley. i need it striped, redecked, and 30 yr. dim. it is a 2 unit house, (up and down).my bother lives there and got a quote for $14,000. it is about 14-15 sq. i own my own company here in tampa and dont want to send my guys all the way up there to do it. anyone in that area?

I’ll go to Buffalo for $900.00 per sq.

Email me the adress and contact info.
I am 20 minutes past rochester on the thruway.

mrroofer of pinellas?
good to see you hookin up here.
known theese guys awhile.
youll be in good hands.


i live in buffalo and i can look at it for you and give you my price e mail me at tomk2000@msn.com or call 716 6026753

ok, will send u guys the info. thanks