I have a response to the discussion on step vs continuous flashing first of all a solid piece of steel is better than pieces,example roll flashing I've seen a lot of Jobs with straight flashing and I never seen a leak because they weren't stepped,


Good catch Kpratt! Perhaps, because you would have to install every individual step flashing before the shingles are installed (5x the work of installing a single piece of L metal) is the reason no one does it there. Let’s wait for Roof_lover’s response, as far as I know he is the only full time poster from FL.


I’m pretty sure he mentioned that, every piece of flashing has to be installed prior to the shingles to pass inspection. Would be near impossible with steps


I think the pre-inspection on new construction came from too many jack asses not using flashing, valley metal at all even though it was provided for them.

Building the chimney and getting it water tight immediately is also a factor.
Most of the time it is the framers that are the ones installing the flashing and putting on the house wrap/siding before the roofer even gets there.
But Not all builders are the same


I never said step flashing was unacceptable.

One way to do it is you have to fool the city a lil bit.
Put one nail in the stick flashing against the wall,
Pass inspection, then remove it and install step flashing when you install the shingles.

But just wondering how many builders do you know who would pay for stick flashing and step flashing?
I dont know of a single one.
All them are the cheapest bastards.
I can not stand to speak with any of them.
It is always a waste of time.
The only way i roof a new construction house is if a past homeowner/customer forces them to.


I once had a guy spec continuous flashing, then step flash when installing the shingle, nice thick galvanized metal also.

You could do this in Florida?


Easier to just not work in Florida… Sounds like way too much muck for me.


Gojo, original formula
It’s the best!


Do you think inspectors would still want to see tar in between each step flashing just because?


It could go real easy
It could go hard.
Depends on the inspector, city.
Most inspectors are nice people.
I wont comment about the


I don’t think you have to “fool” the city, just educate them about proper practice, and the code! Mfg installation guidelines trump the codes in most cases. They prob don’t realize that their local code is wrong. The ICC does not require this and their state code doesn’t mandate it. They prob had problems with crap workmanship and just over reacted. If they do final inspections, step flashing should be part of that, as it’s done I believe most municipalities. As I said before, we worked in Pensacola several years in the mid 2000s and step flashed every house with not tar smeared under them and passed every inspection.


Hurricane Dennis hit that spot on 2005.
No inspections what so ever until oct 2007
I worked their also when hurricane Charlie hit in 1995.
Those were my last storm chasing days.
Also you can use any flashing you want when you replace a roof.
Sometimes i use Torch down in some applications.


It was Ivan, then rita. Left shortly after that