I don't know how you do this everyday

After taking everyones advice, I start my garage roof today. I got one side stripped and shingled. I got to tell you I am 58 but right now i feel 108. My back aches in places i did not know i had.
Well only three sides left, i hope i make it in one piece. Thanks everybody for you help

I love my job, I tell myself that every morning. :smiley:

Thanks for the laugh rbarb. :smiley:

I gave up on roofing years ago, and now I do roof consulting work. All the same, I roofed for a long time, and I can both appreciate and laugh at what you have gotten yourself into.

Hey, I may still hang out of roofs, but I no longer am swinging a hammer, mop, or running crews.

You really have to be able to shut your mind off and put your body on auto pilot. People who don’t have this ability won’t last in this buisness.

So true Tar Monkey. Whenever I was on a roof doing mundane tasks, I was usually somewhere else mentally. I was still aware of my surroundings with regard to safety, but I would also be “day dreaming” while working.

I have been dreaming of a massage when this is over

If nothing else, I hope you’ve gained a little insight into roofing and now have a greater appreciation for those of us that spend our days on top of a roof. It is brutally cold on roofs in the winter where it gets cold, and it is brutally hot in the summers. There is typically not a lot of shade on a roof, and the roofing material absorbs heat making it hotter on the roof than on the ground.