I am trying to determine the manufacturer and type of shingle this is



I am new here but thought maybe I could find the answer to my question. I am trying to determine what shingle this is. Manufacturer and style would be awesome but any help is totally appreciated. Any thoughts, guesses?



Looks like old Atlas Pinnacle with the heavy shadow line


I agree with keepitlow
Atlas pinnacle “pristine weathered shadow”


Another Image different angle:


If you could pull one off so we can see the seal strip, it’ll help for certain


Would be 6" exposure if it’s atlas too right?


MPA is right. Reveal on the pinnacle is 6". The length is 39.5. If it’s landmark it’s 5.5" reveal and 38.5 length. Depending how old, the older Tamko Heritage was 5" reveal. ( hated to install those, cause it took more shingles to make a square). Color, hard to tell with a picture.