I am speechless

Guys, it amazes me that in today’s economy when work gets tight, pay goes down and your costs go up, YOU are willingly ignoring the tremendous opportunity given to us by a bunch of geeks and the US military.

I’m talking about the internet. The internet marketing… the internet which made a two man start-up of two geeky Stanford students with brains and vision into an IT behemoth larder than ANY of the Wall st. investment banking powerhouses - the all-mighty “Algorithm” (I hope you get the point).

Despite the fact that it is all happening in front of your eyes, and you are taking part in it, you (most of you roofers on this forum) ignore the opportunity to get in on this ocean of free and virtually limitless marketing opportunity.

Yes, some of you have a website created by a grand-ma or sold to you directly from the “printing press” of NRG (Is it roofwebs dot com ? ) … well, the sad truth for most of those site is that they either don’t work or advertise not your roofing company but NRG. And besides, these NRG sites look like spam and they are made from the same template. So you can have two roofers in the same town with IDENTICAL web site.

Another extreme i see all over the place is the wide-spread use of WEB lead generation services like Screw-U Magic and Unqualified-Smith. Well, guess what - these folks use the INTERNET to make money on screwing you and put you up against the selfish homeowners and low-bollers, all-the-while you faithfully pay them $75 for each lead (holly chit - that is like installing 3 squares of shingle) and hope when you show up at the homeowner’s door steps, that they are home…

While Internet may not work very effectively in areas like Michigan ( GTP, I hear your pain… Hopefully your new job is secure and better than roofing) … But come one… the rest of the country is not in the recession (not yet at-least) and you can work and make honest and decent living.

Let me let you in on a little secret - you can use the internet to your advantage. And you don’t have to screw others … you don’t have to pay $75 for stupid waste of time… Invest that money in your company - your website. Yes, it is not easy to start getting the fruits from the Google tree right away… but it is like farming - you plant the seeds in the spring and harvest in the fall.
There are ways to succeed in the crazy game of web-marketing. Besides, if you don’t want to bother with SEO (search engine optimization), you are still better of to put that $75 in Google AdWords and have the customer come to you (given that you have a decent website and it is optimized for converting visitor into customer), instead of you chasing a train that left yesterday.

I still recommend you do bother with SEO as that will bring you FREE traffic.

You guys have tremendous potential here - there are many of like-minded folks, doing the same thing in different parts of the country - Exchange links between you sites and in as little as 2-3 months you WILL be getting homeowners looking for YOU!

… any way, i just had to get this out of my system after having ZERO responses to my own topic here: http://www.roofing.com/forum/about6882.html and reading of the thread where roofers get $25/sq to install shingle …

comments welcome fellow roofers

PS, except for referrals and returning customers, all our work comes from our website… so I know first hand that it works

Honestly, I am too busy to pick up additional traffic. I’m a one man show (except for my crew) & can’t take on any additional work.

I do, however, have what I consider a pretty good website (link under my sig line @ the bottom of this post).

I totally agree I jus started building my website but I was kind of skeptical if it would work . Any tips would be helpful Joshua

RHR, we are in the same boat but I don’t have a web site.

I do know a lot of local roofers who have very little work though.

Pay has gone up, workload has gone down.

Just a point of correction on your original post and it’s implications.

Chris at NRG offers a Template version, which is only what Some may need, just to get off of their butt and Do Something, Anything At All.

He does offer much more customizable sites with significant more seo work creatively done. I know of many examples of Proof in the pudding.


SEO is where it’s at. Links, etc. If nothing else, use your site as a super-sized business card. I get e-mail leads all the time to go with my referrals.

For those of you without a site or domain name, I’d advise you to get off yer duffs this week! Prices for domains go up Oct 1. I’m still offering domains at $6.95 and have coupons for discounts too. You can have a site up tonight if you want it.

100CN15 15% discount off any order $100 or more.
50CN10 10% discount off any order $50 or more.
5NC25 5% discounts on orders $25 and over.

The thing is, the web is the FUTURE!

I built my own sites and can explain 301 redirects and the need for one site, but many domains names. It’s part and parcel of SEO.

None of it is turn-key. You must learn a few tricks of the trade, but it’s as simple as reading forums on the web.

Hi guys,

I’ll try to answer to everyone.

to Ranch,

It is great that you have enough of steady business. Yo may still want to have more traffic to your site. This way you can raise your prices a bit or put the customers in “q” to do their roof over slow winter, or refer them to our friends who are not as lucky with work.

BTW, like i said in the other thread dedicated to you, the handshake with customers is a great marketing move. You should have more of those pictures on your site.
Another thing I have to say is too much traffic never hurts.

to RooferJosh:

You should register a domain that has a word “roof” “roofs” or “roofing” in it and make it short, memorable and catchy.

Finish your site completely before you publish it. Have a bunch of good pictures of YOUR work on the website.

Don’t go crazy with web technologies like flash, as it is often annoying, slows you site down and Google does not understand it.

GET LINKS: Links are a vote of confidence for your site and when you have just a few great links it’s like having hundreds of mediocre once. Google will find those links and your site will start showing up in search. Don’t go crazy right of the bet. Don’t get PAID links - google will penalize your site for buying links and it is expensive - Free is the best. Setup a links page on your site and add GOOD websites to it and use it for link exchange.

Register your Co with Google local - Fill out every possible field including coupons. In company name use ROOFING and one (maximum two) other words. In just 2-3 weeks you can appear in the top 10 of your local search. (We are # 1 for “Flat Roofing MA”)

Read about SEO - search engine optimization - this is your site’s best friend. Implement SEO once you understand it.

This is plenty for now. You can submit your site to my directory - http://www.coolflatroof.com/directory-add-url.php I can’t guaranty that i will add it. This will depend on it’s quality. But there is plenty of free directories - just search for “roofing directory” and “construction directory”

Good luck.

To dougger222,

Same as with Ranch - congrats on having steady work and you can always hook your friends up with some work that you cannot handle. Having a website is always good. It’s like an insurance policy for future slow-downs.

to Axiom:

Pay gone up, expenses went WAYS up…Some of my metal roofing increased 40% since winter. This is not the $20 increase as with shingles - I’ve seen more than $125/sq increase in material prices alone… this is crazy :mrgreen:
And freakin’ Harvey is making like 40% markup and keeps on building those ridiculous warehouses.

Axiom, do you install IB? If so, PM me.

to Ed,

I never implied that NRG is bad in any way. I believe that their services include total SEO optimization and customization. I guess their custom sites are great, don’t have the NRG logo, therefore I can’t even recognize them. It is great and i hope their business succeeds. I especially like their roofing channel.

What i was talking about, are the clone websites with yellow NRG logo at the bottom… those are just a plug-n-play templates that will do your site more harm than good. So if you are on the budget, it is better to just hire a Comp. Sci. student from your local community college, and have him/her build you a site from scratch. Read up on SEO and have him/her implement it.

to Tinner,

I don’t believe in having site mirrors as it penalizes your main site with google for duplicate content.

but we could be talking apples and oranges since i don’t know much about 301 redirects.

Any way, we should exchange links :slight_smile:

To all,

Guys, basically get a site, do some seo, let your site age for a couple of months. Come back to it in the winter when work is slow. Do some more SEO, links and content.

Oh right, CONTENT is the key to site’s success. If you have great links and your site says “joe shmo roofing. we are the best!!!” than nothing will help it.

Your site must be informational and helpful. Post info that your customers are looking for. And your phone will ring.
Once again, get quality links.

PS. This is a bit personal - my site just got a PR 3 promotion over the weekend … yey!! :mrgreen:

Good luck all

Glad to exchange links with you on 2 of my sites.

albertsroofing.com and tinner666.com

E-mail me at Frank@albertsroofing.com

301’s. In your address bar, type in A1ROOFER.COM or even VAROOFER.com
Just 2 of several that popped into my head. It’s how you get type-in traffic, and is also searchable and google-able with keywords for each. Some are ‘masked’ and others aren’t.