I am looking for advice on roofing this VERY unique home

I recently purchased this home at auction and the cedar shake roof is very old and needs to be replaced. I cannot afford to replace the shake roof and am looking for a viable alternative. I love the look of the home and would like to install a good quality architectural shingle on every portion of the house that currently has the old shakes. As you can see, some of the shaked areas are vertical walls. My question is this: Is this type of shingle an option for the vertical walls? The location of the home is completely surrounded by tall ponderosa pine trees and gets very little wind. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated… Thank you!


I’m gonna go out on a limb here.

Re-do the walls in cedar, if needed.

I gotta add, that is just forked up…

Gaf/ELK Grande 40 yr. and repair walls w/cedar.

If you are trying to replicate the look of cedar shake without the high cost i would suggest Certainteeds presidential shake TL, for a little less money you can just get the presidential shake. If im not mistaken the tl is lifetime where the standard is 50 years. The TL is alot thicker too so its more convicing. On a house like that i would not put a standard shingle on it. Too much going on to not take advantage of it.

Grand Canyon are more rustic shake look and also 50yr ltd.Lifetime.

Hold out for a hail storm!

A hailstorm is what got me into this dilemma. We had golfball size hail and it totaled the roof. The only problem is my insurance company wouldn’t insure the roof for replacement coverage and instead gave me an ACV policy. They only paid me 20% of replacement cost on the shakes.

Can you expound on why the insurance company would only cover your roof for acv and not rcv? Is the rest of the home covered for rcv, or is your policy all acv.


How do you know you need a roof?

Lefty um,

The insurance company said due to the age of the shakes (25-30 yrs) they would only insure the roof for ACV. They rest of the home is insured for replacement cost.

I’d be happy to look at thier estimate, I’m willing to bet they left alot out which severely decreased the ACV.

Here’s how they figure it out, they produce and estimate at what they fell replacement cost should be and then depreciate the crap out of it to determine ACV. If they left items off, or didn’t measure it correctly, and if pricing is off, it means you are not getting the true ACV.

Feel free to send me the estimate they sent you and I’ll take a look at it. My fax is 800-343-2086

PS: Send every page of your estimate not just the roof. Feel free to mark out your personal information if you want.

I agree ridge, the insurance company knows shakes are usually put on strips / no decking. It looks like they ran from this one.

I did complaint jobs for GAF in Houston about 30 years ago, not sure if they still do it but we took a skill saw , cut the over hang off,pull the ridge, run eve metal and 30 lb. felt , then nailed architech shingles over wood shakes. I don’t think I would do it on the mansard walls though. :?

I don’t have pleasant news… I’m so sorry.

Is there an unpleasant smell in the house that you are dismissing?

Where is the roof? There is not enough of it.
I would like to strangle the builder of that home with my bare hands.
Overhangs are made for a reason. Not just for fun.
The entire front of the house looks like it should be leaking except in the garage.

Oh, the stories the previous owner could tell you…

Dont walk…run.


How do you know you need a roof?


How do you know you need a roof?[/quote]

Do you take time to read what’s posted? Don’t waste space please.



How do you know you need a roof?[/quote]

Do you take time to read what’s posted? Don’t waste space please.[/quote]

Lefty deserves more respect than that dude.

I agree with axiom, Lefty does deserve alot more respect. He is a very smart guy. He brings a good question, does the roof leak anywhere? And how do you know it needs a roof?

Hope your feeling better Lefty!

Well he might deservre respect but he hasn’t read the post because it’s stated why he needs a new roof. It was damaged by hail. The roof doesn’t have to be leaking to be totaled, additionaly Shakes last about 20 years max with the way they are installed today. From the looks of the photo they are at least 15-20 years old. With the way shakes are installed on today’s homes that the most you get out of them.