Hurricane nailing?

My summer place is on the water and a contractor told me he would treat the northeast (exposed) side differently. I think he said “hurricane nailing”. What is this?

He could be referring to high wind nailing. Although, all slopes of the roof need to be treated for high wind not just one slope.

He is referring to using six nails per shingle, rather than four.

Along with the 6 nail pattern, he’s also going to put your house on a turntable so that side will face any hurricane winds. Being cyclonic, the winds can come from every point of the compass according to which side of your house the hurricane is passing on. :twisted:

We 6 nail all roofs. A typical 25sq job we will go through 1 1/2 cases of coil nails.

we do every job with six nails.

i would use decra. it will not blow off if installed correctly and it is a big money maker.

I wonder if the homeowner really cares what roofing system is a big money maker.