Hurricane and High Wind Damage to Tile Roof Systems


Hurricane/high wind caused damage to look for on Tile Roof Systems:

  1. The Factory Finish is scoured off by wind-borne debris.
    (This damage allows water to penetrate and degrade tiles).

  2. Surface Pitting and larger surface breakage by wind-borne debris. (This damage allows water to degrade tiles).

  3. Lift of Tiles beyond manufacturers specifications.
    (This is determined by a hand checking of tiles).

  4. Fasteners pulled upwards, and are Not seated on the tile.
    (This damage allows for easier wind lift).

  5. Breakage by “Chattering”.
    (Wind lifted tiles break when they rise and fall back in to place).

  6. Wind-borne debris Puncturing of the sub-roofing system.
    (Hot mop, felt, modified bitumen, etc). This damage can cause leaks to the interior of a structure.

  7. Complete or partial removal/displacement of Tiles.


#1. Probably true on extruded concrete tiles; not so much on clay

#2. Probably trune

#3. Wut?

#4 Hmm… Fasteners should not be completely flust with clay or concrete tiles becuase
what you describe in #5 happens.

#5 If you don’t want the tile to “chatter” then use foam adherent.

#6 OK.

#7 High wind velocity can do this. Air borne debris strikes are the biggest problem
tile roofs during hurricanes.