How's my new roof


Carbone runs around the roof all day with his heat gun after the installation.
But with this roof After he is done homeowner says it doesnt look any different.
What will he say next?
What will come out of that highly educated mouth?

Who am i kidding?
Carbone up on that roof??
WORK on that roof???
He wouldnt step two steps on that roof!!
His brain wont let him.
It limits him.


Anyone know what this is? I see it every morning when I leave for work but don’t see it in the evening when I return. It’s hard too see it on the left and right side in the picture but the middle is pretty clear.


By the way thanks for all the responses. Didnt mean to cause any arguments.


Morning dew collecting and then draining at the valleys in the morning.


Thought I hear it all together until this thread. Guess we need to hire 6 more guys, get couple thousand feet of extension cord and a 20kw generator to run all the heat guns. Why not just take clothes irons up on the roof?


Looks good. They did a nice job with the cuts too. I do think they might’ve reused the chimney flashing but it will all settle once it warms up in the sun. What is the workmanship warranty?


:joy::joy: "he designs shingles":joy::joy: I’m the president of the NRCA…LMFAO.


It looks really nice…!!!