How's my new roof


Hello all,

Can you take a look at pictures of my new roof and tell me what you think? I see that it’s not level and a little wavy. Will this settle? I don’t know much about roofs and don’t want to overly annoy the contractor. I have contacted them and they are saying it will eventually lay flat. It was installed a week ago. Since I’m a new user I can only post one pic.



I see nothing to be alarmed with just yet.
No, its not a perfect plane.
Nice looking shingles you have there.



Single installation looks good from what I can see from the pictures. The only concern I would have if I was doing the job is the condition of the chimney flashing that was reused.


OP, where are you located?

I’m in Central Texas & in the past month, we’ve had a couple of days where it was 90° or better & that will assist in the shingles seating flat.

OTOH, if you’re in Wisconsin or even worse, Nunavut… well, it may be a bit before you really see those shingles decrease in the wavy look.

Besides, a Dimensional shingle is supposed to look like a piece of cut Cedar shake, so what’s not to love?


To me it looks like a load of crap
‘well, it may be a bit before you really see’…what is that supposed to mean?
‘I see nothing to be alarmed with just yet.’…when are you supposed to be alarmed?

In the end it’s down to whether it’s what you asked for…if it isn’t…don’t accept it unless your money was printed in someones backyard shed


This is completely normal for asphalt shingles installed while it is cold out.

They will lay down after they get some good sun.


Yes the roofing workmanship here as displayed
Is i woulld say a perfect 10.
Because there is not a single thing i can point to and say it is incorrect.

I just dont know what load of crap
Aurilio- carbono is seeing.
He wouldnt specify.
Not very constructive.
Has he made any replies indicating to anyone he is a roofer?

Good to see you are still alive and kickin Ranch hand!


Listen to this man, he’s pre-med.


If that were the case a good tradesman would have run a heat gun over the tiles to ensure good even conformity and adhesion in the first place.
If the adhesion isn’t good, and even, appearance will be the least of his concerns, other problems will arise within a two years.
But then he’ll be able to call you to resolve the issue

So when the roof tiles lay down during a sun baking experience the uneven plane of the roof is going to be more obvious. Oh they’ll lay down and play dead but the adhesion will be questionable

No! but you have…question is…how good a roofer!
I only design the material so what would I know about it’s behavior.


Roof tiles & heat guns?

Come on man at least learn the correct nomenclature.


Yeah you don’t know jack squat dude. That roof looks fine and will look better after some son


I’m sure saying ‘shingles’ is going to change Sdot1’s reality.

Now what do you suppose are the chances that rocket science went into mourning when they lost you to your chosen profession?
Wisdom is knowing when to say nothing…


Just like the paint job on a car looks great in the rain


He is just presenting irrefutable evidence that
You dont know what your talking about.
Heat gun?? Tiles??
Then you insult saying it takes wisdom to know when to shut up.
The epitome of irony.

Id love to see Ari Carbone up on the tiles with his heat gun.
I’m gonna have so much fun with you Carbone.


It might be one of those bots trying to learn.


Another delusional soul who doesn’t know his limitations, and who exposes such by not know what or how to use a heat gun on shingles to have them settle down and adhere correctly.
Just another yapper!

You obviously walk away from a job, take the man’s money, and then have the audacity to tell him wait for the sun to come along and finish it off for you.
What a joke!

The only thing you’re ‘gonna do’ is stretch your mouth and display your ‘epitome of irony’
So how’s the ‘fun’ going, with your contribution to the linguistic arts?


With what? A verbal sparring with you about roofing?
You are out of your domain.


Hey Carbone!
All the shingles in the pic are already sealed down!
Not one single “fish mouth” unsealed shingle in all his pics.
You just have absolutely no
Idea what you are actually
looking at.
And that is very understandable when you havent done the work before.


They say ‘argue with a fool and you will always lose’…
guess that means you win!..