How would you price this job - See picture of house

Rather than get opinions on quotes that I have got,
I am wondering what other roofers would do.

How would you price this job?
This is a 1600 sq ft double wide Fleetwood mobile home built in 2000 and needs a new roof.
It is shipped in 2 parts, so it really can’t use a ridge vent. I could be wrong about that.
The venting intake is under the eaves and the exhaust is near the ridgeline with those square exhaust vents. There are 4 exhaust vents on each side. I don’t know the vents condition.
The roof pitch is 3-4?, see picture.

I live in San Jose CA, where the climate is mild. Temperature averages 50-60 in the winter to 70-80 in the summer. Highest winds might be 50-60 once every 5 years, with a maximum of 40-50 in the average year.

What materials and quantity would you use?
Shingle, underlayment, venting and other related materials.
What warranty would you give if any.
I know that price depends on the area,
So if you put a price, then please put the location.

I’d put 3 tab shingles on the house due to the low pitch and roll roofing or membrane on the garage overhang due to 1 pitch. Likely roll roofing. Probably around 20 squares of material, around $6,000 to $7,000 in most areas. Probably more in California.

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Garage overhang does not need anything since it is metal.
What what brand and model three tab shingle would you use?
What about venting many people want to put in O’Hagen venting for some reason.
Is there any reason to do that or why not just keep the existing venting?

I’d say the lo profile vents are fine. I’d recommend focusing on the installer vs the shingle. Any of the brands should suffice if installed correctly.

What is a high quality 3 tab shingle?
I have been thinking about Owens Corning Duration,
because I read in consumer reports that it had a good rating and was reasonably priced.

Malarkey Alaskan is a high quality 3-tab.

Owens Corning makes an excellent 3-tab.

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Axiom have a great answer.

I’m a Texan and I’ve seen alot of mobile homes. Southeast Texas is full of them. I’m just wondering, what in the heck is that box on the roof?
True story. Lots of roofers in my region will not shingle a mobile home. When i ask why they always have had a bad experience. I’ve easily shingled over 1000 and never have issues. The only ones I will not shingle are some of the 70 and 80’s that have the 1-1/2 on 12. Nope. I walk away.
Still wanting to know what that box is?

Old swamp cooler stand is my guess.

That box is for a swamp cooler.

It is a type of air cooling that just uses water,
which some people have instead of AC.

Actually no one has it where I live in San Jose.
But maybe in Sacramento or inland LA CA.