How to Remove Eaves to modernise


Hello Community. I am a home owner in BC. We are considering removing the eaves to modernise the form of our house. I am well aware of all the issues rain on top of wall, more rain on footing, rain in open window, hotter house in summmer etc. Accepting all that my question is HOW to do it (not WHY). I don’t want to debate the why’s - just assume you had to this job there is no way out and you had make it work ie not leak.
The roof construction at present (excuse errors in my terminology). Shingles) stone chipping on bitumen), some paper membrane, ply sheath, air gap, insulation, on 8”x10” rafters spaces 8’ apart. The tounge and groove ceiling boards replace additional rafters as they are an impressive 3” thick.
Siding presently stucco. This will be removed and board and batten installed. Windows being replaced and also added these will be set back 2” from outer skin.
I’d be extremely grateful for any constructive input.



This is a question for your General contractor as this is beyond the scope of roofing.

To remove the eaves you simply cut them off.


It comes as a surprise to me to hear that the transition between the roof and wall is not a roofing question. And that cutting them off is the extent of the roofing work required


Your carpenters will be doing the demo and construction work when they are done the roofer will do the roofing part.

Have you chosen a General Contractor yet?


It is pretty simple, Basically you take all the roofing material off, Mark where you want to cut ,and cut the eave off. Then install any necessary framing and new fascia, then install the new roof.


You want to modernise the house and you figure getting rid of the eaves is the best way to go.
And after someone does it for you you’ll be the first to complain about the consequences that arise claiming you weren’t told.
You obviously consider yourself to be an architectural peer otherwise you would have asked one, who would have told you it’s not a good idea.
But hey!..don’t let me dissuade you of your design prowess 'cos there will always be people with more money than brains.
Now if you’ve found my comments somewhat critical then I haven’t wasted my time.
The mind boggles at what you could do to modernize the ‘Mona Lisa’


Very strange given you haven’t seen the house or the target. The Mona Lisa over rated and irrelevant.

I’m still weighing it up but as to the visual effect I have zero doubts.
I imagine you are not familiar with houses they are simple yet striking but certainly the detail of transition is a hitch. If I get to the point of wanting to or having to consult an architect so be it. This enquiry was aimed at people I imagined have real world experience of executing these things.

Your manner of commenting is quite obnoxious given how clear I was that my question is how not why or whether anybody thinks it a good idea. But feel free to rant on Ariola rant on …


‘I’m still weighing it up but as to the visual effect I have zero doubts.’

Puleeze…anyone with any common sense would have first asked whether it was a good idea.

My obnoxious manner, as you call it, arises when I’m confronted with mental pygmys .
I don’t have to see the house, and yes the Mona Lisa may be overrated, and irrelevant to a buffoon but when compared to your contribution, I’m surprised you have the temerity to even comment.

‘This enquiry was aimed at people I imagined have real world experience’…what a crock!
You thought you’d exercise your feeble thoughts and hope someone was going to give you practical insight to the exercise you propose to which you obviously are not equipped to implement.

wayfaringvacuum…You missed a good opportunity to say nothing…


Can we please shut down this ridiculous thread?