How to properly repair a coal tar pitch roof

How do you properly repair a cold tar pitch roof with out having a kettle? So basically I’m asking what cold applied products are good solutions to a small puncture or blister.

That make a coal tar based mastic. You can also get pitch base felt and membrane. Koppers was one brand another one was Allied Signal. They actually made a pitch modified but it didn’t sell well from what I heard.

I read on koppers web page that they recommend you use resature to fix the roof. What if I were to just take a kettle out and mop down, three ply a hole and flood coat it?

Not if the kettle is asphalt or bitumen.

You may have some success with a coal tar flood coat, but you would be better off spudding the gravel and applying the coal tar roofing mastic and 3 course a cotton or fiberglass membrane patch over any identified worn out sections first.


Get some Karnak 229 from Bradco and some pitch felt. Spud and cut out the blister. Give it a wide area. Blow it off, and apply a two ply patch with the pitch felt and Karnak, feather it in, (the bottom layer being smaller than the top) cover with a layer of the Karnak and re-gravel.

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