How to price this monster

This is one of two chimneys both have sky light coming out of stone literally glass meeting stone I’m putting flat lock chimney top and lower ledge pulling all slate re placing flashing put back slate cut in new counters stepped the stone course with reglet

note flashing is not thru wall they are solid slabs of stone pre existing flashing not tall enough for sky light on opposite side I was goi.g to come in with 5000 per chimney being I’m fixing alot of field mistakes its 125 plus square I’m redoing whole ridge 11 skylights valleys pretty much total restoration

Cost plus. Saves time on change orders. When I get a call to price a roof over the phone it’s “between $1 and a million”.

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Agreed - time and materials, and anyone can pull up a lawn chair and watch the work.

Depending on your crew. Some guys don’t like being watched, things can go sideways. Charge a premium if they’re gonna watch, roofing is not a spectator sport!

Work with my wife she will be redoing the 400 ft of ridge while I’m doing chimneys and skylights then we will do slate repairs and so on

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You got a real gem there!


Yes super lucky fellow she’s 1 in a million