How to post picture?


Hello. I am new to this forum, and cannot find how to post a picture from a folder on my computer. I have reduced the pic to 640x480, but cannot upload it. Any tips? Thanks. Tom


When you make a post there are yellow buttons above the text box. Second from the right is IMG, that’s the one you want. The rest is pretty self explanitory.


Thanks, but I had tried that. This picture is on my c: drive, so I do not know what URL I need. The picture will not insert like it should. What am I missing? Thanks. Tom


Try the upload button maybe?


tom, check out the gallery tab, top of the page. instructions are in there.


Visit the Gallery. On the bottom of the page is a description of the steps needed as well as a tutorial.


Thanks for the tips. I finally did it through the gallery. Now, I get to post my question, with pictures. Thanks again. Tom