How to grow in commercial re-roofing sector

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I am trying to grow in the commercial re-roofing sector. we are so far focused on multi-family and residential sectors but we want to diversify. Now shis whole concept of digital marketing simply does not work for commercial sector. It is for residential market. so i dont want to waste my hard earned money on digital leads. What it means that my only choice is to hire some good sales business development people who have some prior commercial roofing sales experience. is this correct or should i hire a digital marketing company to create leads for commercial re-roofing segment .

Few questions now:

  1. Where can i find some good sales people for commercial accounts in Colorado springs area?
  2. And how much one should expect a good sales guys with 5-10 yrs of experience to bring in as sales? is it fair to expect them to bring 1 million of new commercial re-roofing sales per year?
  3. how do you guys compensate your commercial sales people? are they 1099 or are they always full time employees

thank you so much for helping.


Can anyone please help with my request above? if you guys know of a good company who has brought leads for you for commercial market, can you pls share. just share what worked with you once you decided to grow in commercial segment like schools, churches, small hospitals, taco bells etc

Digital marketing works for commercial roofing, what platforms are you using currently to get commercial leads?


From my experience, you can most certainly generate leads within the commercial re-roofing sector - using Facebook Ads and LinkedIn ads. You can leverage both social platforms to exclusively have business owners in Colorado Springs see your ads.

You could use Facebook ads to target “lookalike audiences” which are targeted audiences based on any b2b clients you may have in your client database. You could also use LinkedIn if you wanted to target prospects with higher-level job titles or larger companies in colorado Springs.

I run a Digital Marketing Agency for contractors of all shapes and sizes, and I’d be happy to be a resource and soundboard for your sales/marketing tactics. My company, ClientEngine, runs ads for social media lead generation, web design for higher conversions, and I also do sales coaching if you do decide to go to the cold-calling/business development route.

If you DO decide to hire sales business development people, I recommend hiring a freelance part-time business development representative on a site like Upwork, Toptal, etc. That way you can test and verify that you’re getting the results you need from a business development representative while they charge you by the hour… You can always invest more money into a business development team as you go.

Feel free to visit my site,, and add time on my calendar to further discuss.

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Mark Mathias