How to get single ply certified

I just recieved a request to bid a wal-mart super center. But we are not certified. We have (somewhat) the knowledge to do it. I will have to decline the bid…but how do i get legit to bid them in the future?

We have around 20 employees right now and an 8000 square foot facility, so we are ready to take the step to commercial.

What system(s) are you looking to getting certified in?

The easiest way to get certified is to already have a job in hand that can be turned to use that manufacturers membrane.

The rest is just the application and the financial statements and the certified approved contractor agreement.

Some manufacturers only want the big guys who do tons of square footage and others may just look a t a smaller consistent guys who is sold on that particular membranes features and will be an aide in promoting the product over and over again.

Which material manufacturer are you looking at?


walmart is not an easy first gig. their const coodinator(thats the liason between corporate and the gc) will require a crew of 20 to install and complete about 150 sqs a day. on a tpo job thats field, all flashings, seam sealant, acrh. prepared for ALOT of headaches as they treat contractors as bad as they treat their employees.they typically go with a mech. fastened tpo(firestone). good luck

we have done smaller independant commercial jobs (40 square museums and stuff).

I dont think the material i have specifies brand. I think it just says .060 EPDM.

I could be wrong…it is like a billion pages long.

call genflex…

genflex is now firestone good luck.

I have an appointment in like 2 weeks.