How to flash roof to stucco?


I agree I think there are other ways to avoid cutting into stucco and still making a good sealed system


this EPDM was not easy at all I would not recommend a DIY install for the first time


I bet you are glad to have that project over with. Wall termination looks much better than what I see many inexperienced roofers and builders do.


MPA you are right . I thought so much about this roof so glade it is done. It would have been much easier without the wall and chimney


Lol any roof is easier with out walls, chimneys, pipes, dormers, valleys. If it was just roof and edges anybody could do it.


You are right about that. what also was challenging when they shipped the EPDM it was not in a roll which would have been nice and flat . They had it in a box and it was folded and had creases in it. We got most of them out. Lots to learn about EPDM installs.


You did a fine job, but I don’t see any insulation plates.


we didn’t use any just glued right down on the 5/8 chip board it’s on top of a car garage


That plywood is a little too close to the chimney.


Looks like you made out ok – keep an eye on that roof edge detail, if the membrane starts to lift off the flashing you will want to patch that. It’s the only trouble spot I see from here, way to DIY!


Be surprised if it lifts up it has seam strip under neath


Can you describe how you did the edges?


The main EPDM goes over the top of the edge of the roof hangs down 4 inches then the drip edge is nailed down cut the excess even with drip edge The corners are folded like pig ears . I actually used flat head screws and nails to attach the drip edge . Then the metal and a about 10 -12 inches is cleaned and primed then the seam tape covers the metal and over laps on the the main EPDM then another layer of EPDM goes on top of the seam tape. Your basically treating the edge of the building like it was a seam. Super strong